What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer the Hotel, Motel, and Resorts Industry? 

So, what solutions can UNITS® offer to the hotel, motel, and resort industry? Finding room for additional storage can be challenging when space is at a premium. Yet, it’s vital for enhancing the guest experience. UNITS® of Southeast Michigan alleviates these concerns with convenient portable storage options. Our containers offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for day-to-day operations and large-scale tasks such as motel expansions or resort events.

What sets UNITS® apart is our ability to transport containers directly to properties, eliminating the hassle of arranging transportation. Whether you need on-site storage or prefer to utilize our off-site, climate-controlled facility, we’ve got you covered. Our storage facility ensures the safety of valuable items like artwork, antiques, or electronics by protecting them from temperature and humidity fluctuations. With UNITS®, you can optimize your everyday tasks and meet the requirements of any special events seamlessly.

Some of our services include:

  • Unlimited Space Solutions: Our portable storage containers, available in 12’ or 16’ sizes, offer a range of options to suit your specific needs. Featuring all-steel construction, wood floors, and barn doors, they are designed to maximize space utilization while ensuring durability.
  • Transportation with Innovation: Thanks to our cutting-edge ROBO-UNIT delivery system, we can place our portable storage containers anywhere on-site, even in tight spaces like small parking garages or between buildings. This flexibility allows employees to access reliable storage solutions while accommodating space constraints. Unlike traditional off-site storage providers, we offer the added convenience of delivering containers to and from our storage facility, ensuring easy access to stored contents whenever needed.
  • Flexible Rental Periods: As a locally owned and operated business, we understand that flexibility is key. That’s why we offer both short-term and long-term storage options tailored to your needs and budget. Our containers are delivered swiftly and efficiently, and you can keep them on-site or in our storage facility for as long as necessary.
  • Security and Protection: Given the importance of security in storing items for hotels, motels, and resorts, we prioritize safety measures. Our all-steel containers feature barn doors equipped with durable latches and locking mechanisms to safeguard your belongings against theft. Additionally, our containers are constructed with sturdy materials to protect from the elements and pests, ensuring complete security for your stored items.

Why Choose UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage for Hotel Storage Solutions?

Regarding hotels, motels, and resorts, storage solutions are more than just a matter of convenience – they’re integral to preserving a sense of luxury and excellence. At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Southeast Michigan, we recognize the unique storage challenges the hotel industry faces and offer tailored solutions to address them. Our portable storage options are versatile enough to assist with everything from event planning and hosting to renovations and expansions.

For establishments that frequently host events, having access to these storage options can be the difference between being ordinary and exceptional. On-site portable storage provides a convenient solution for storing props, furniture, catering supplies, and more, freeing up in-house storage space for other uses. In cases where events require storage for sensitive items requiring climate control, our storage facility in Ann Arbor offers the perfect solution for storing temperature-sensitive items for events of all sizes.

Expansions or upgrades to hotel properties can often lead to space limitations, mainly when existing space is already at a premium. For remodeling and renovation projects, portable storage offers an efficient and secure space for storing new materials, equipment, tools, and more. Similarly, it can store hotel property during construction, ensuring valuable items remain safe and accessible. These containers can be kept on-site or transported to our facility for as long as needed, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

At UNITS® of Southeast Michigan, we take pride in our strong local presence and commitment to exceptional customer service. With our deep understanding of the local market and dedication to customer satisfaction, we’ve become a trusted partner in storage solutions for hotels, motels, and resorts. We guarantee on-time delivery and pickup of storage containers, minimizing disruptions to operations and ensuring that projects stay on track without hiccups. Check out our Google reviews to see why customers trust us!

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