Convenient Portable Storage for Businesses

Whether you operate a small contracting business needing reliable storage and transportation for tools and supplies or a large corporation embarking on establishing a new branch, UNITS® storage containers are equipped to meet all your requirements. Our exceptional storage capabilities are available to companies of all sizes, and we firmly believe that any storage or moving need, from corporate relocations to safeguarding your store’s inventory, deserves a solution that leaves no room for compromise.

The greater San Diego area boasts a thriving business landscape, home to many enterprises ranging from small startups to well-established corporations. As a dynamic contributor to this expanding business community, UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of San Diego is committed to providing reliable and affordable moving and storage options. Our local ownership ensures that we understand the importance of punctual delivery, dependable service, and attentive customer support, which are vital for your business operations.

Our sturdy portable storage containers are designed to protect your assets during storage and transportation. From building materials to couches for home staging, our team ensures your items remain accessible and pristine. The ROBO-UNIT delivery system places our containers precisely, fitting them between small spaces or under low-overhands. These containers serve as a mobile warehouse, an extension of your company that moves with you, making them an invaluable tool for growth and operational efficiency.

Why Businesses Should Choose UNITS®

The ever-evolving needs of industries, from tech startups in Sorrento Valley to bustling beachfront shops in La Jolla, require a storage solution that is not just about space but also about adding value and efficiency to operations. UNITS® offers portable storage containers that serve as the ideal on-site storage solution, allowing companies to securely keep critical equipment, inventory, or documents within reach. These robust, weather-resistant containers are delivered directly where you need them, offering unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. They allow businesses to focus on their best interests without worrying about space constraints or security concerns.

For businesses in San Diego looking to expand their operations without increasing their physical footprint, UNITS® provides off-site storage solutions that are both flexible and accessible. This is particularly beneficial for businesses undergoing renovations, needing to store seasonal inventory, or requiring additional space for project-specific materials. Our off-site storage facility offers a secure environment for your belongings, with the added convenience of transporting your portable storage container back to your location whenever needed. This blend of security, accessibility, and flexibility ensures businesses can optimize their space and operations without compromising efficiency or operational flow.

Recognizing the unique challenges and pressures of moving a business, whether a boutique studio in North Park or a corporate office in Downtown San Diego, UNITS® offers tailored moving solutions designed to minimize disruption and downtime. Our expert team works diligently to plan and execute a moving strategy that aligns with their specific timelines, budget, and operational requirements. This allows your to pack at your own pace, ensuring you have enough time to do what you need. This commitment to providing a seamless moving experience allows companies to transition into their new spaces smoothly, ready to continue their operations without missing a beat.

With UNITS®, San Diego businesses have a reliable partner ready to support their moving and relocation needs, facilitating growth and ensuring a smooth journey to their next chapter.Moreover, UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of San Diego understands the complexities of business logistics and offers a comprehensive transportation solution that simplifies moving and storage. Whether relocating an entire office across the city or transporting inventory to a new retail location, our reliable ROBO-UNIT delivery system ensures that your container arrives at its destination safely and on time. This precision delivery and transportation service reduces the logistical burden on businesses and minimizes downtime, providing a seamless transition and continuity in operations.

In a city that thrives on innovation and speed, UNITS® stands out as a partner that San Diego businesses can rely on for on-site storage, off-site storage, and transportation help, empowering them to navigate the challenges of growth and change with confidence and ease. Check out our Google Reviews to learn what our customers have to say.

UNITS portable storage container for business

Let's say you're a real estate agent who often stages a home to enhance its sale potential. UNITS® is an easy, resourceful way to store excess furniture, eliminate clutter, and quickly improve the appearance of the property. We then make it really simple by taking the furniture to the new residence, eliminating rough handling of goods.

Or maybe you regularly host or attend events and trade shows. A UNITS® container is a hassle-free way to transport merchandise, furniture and displays for your occasion. During the event, you'll have on-site storage to keep any additional equipment safe and secure. When the event is over, the UNIT® will be delivered back to your company's office. These are just a couple of ways our local owners and managers increase efficiency for businesses in our surrounding communities.

UNITS Portable Storage

UNITS® containers are designed with versatility in mind, capable of serving a multitude of purposes. They are built to withstand the elements and are known for their durability. Regardless of your business's nature, UNITS® can deliver top-tier moving and storage services tailored to your specific needs. Keep reading to discover how we can contribute to the growth of your business!

UNITS® of San Diego extends its comprehensive moving and storage solutions to contractors, offering services to enhance productivity and streamline operations. Our offerings encompass convenient on-site storage solutions for keeping building materials nearby, facilitating the seamless transportation of supplies between different job sites, and providing flexible options for the long- and short-term storage of equipment within a climate-controlled facility. LEARN MORE

Real estate professionals in the San Diego area can benefit significantly from UNITS® services, which offer accessible moving and storage solutions tailored to their needs. Our versatile offerings encompass the ability to stage a realtor's client's home using our robust portable storage containers, assistance with local moves, and support for scenarios involving mismatched closing dates. UNITS® ensures flexibility in adapting our moving and storage solutions to meet the unique requirements of any realtor. LEARN MORE

Disaster restoration companies frequently encounter storm damage, fires, and hazardous cleanup challenges. UNITS® of San Diego provides invaluable support by offering handy containers during home restoration projects. These containers serve as secure repositories for industrial cleaning supplies, tools, equipment, or any other essential items needed by restoration teams on the job. Additionally, in cases requiring a pack-out, we offer the option to store the homeowner's belongings on-site or in our climate-controlled warehouse located in Poway. LEARN MORE