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We believe this transition period doesn't have to be daunting. With UNITS® of San Diego, our focus is on providing you with the utmost convenience and a stress-free solution to meet your storage needs. Our approach allows you the flexibility to work at your own pace and easily achieve your moving goals.
Moving Made Easy With UNITS Portable Containers
We're Ready to Help.
Tell Us What You Need.

We're here to help with your move. Get an instant quote or contact our local reps. We don't use call centers, so you'll always talk to a local expert who can guide you through the process. Trust our experienced team for excellent service and solutions tailored to your needs!

Moving Made Easy With UNITS Portable Containers
We’ll Come to You.

Once you've got in touch with us, we'll bring our services directly to your location. Upon your request, we'll deliver a weather-resistant and robust storage container to your home. These containers are designed to withstand various weather conditions and are built for durability. Our innovative ROBO-UNIT Delivery System ensures the precise placement of each container exactly where you want it while maintaining a level position.

Woman packing a UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of San Diego container and boxes.
Take Your Time.

With UNITS® of San Diego, you can take your time during the packing process. There's no need to adhere to a strict schedule; the only timeline you need to follow is your own. Moving can be a significant task, and we're here to provide you with the flexibility you need to pack at your own pace.

Two UNITS Moving and Portable Storage contianers sitting in a driveway.
Move In!

When you're ready to move in, UNITS® of San Diego continues to make the process stress-free. We'll transport your container to your new home, allowing you to unpack at your convenience. Alternatively, if your closing dates don't align or you need temporary storage, we can transport your container to our climate-controlled storage facility located in Poway. You can take your time unpacking, and when you're finished, call us, and we'll make the final arrangements to ensure your move-in experience is smooth and hassle-free.


Self-Storage Delivered Right to Your Door.

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of San Diego simplifies the moving process by bringing a weather-resistant portable storage container directly to your property, all without you having to leave your home! Thanks to our innovative ROBO-UNIT Delivery System, we can deliver your container at ground level, regardless of your chosen location's terrain, whether it's on sloping grounds, unpaved roads, or even in inclement weather conditions like rain or snow.

Pack Your Way.

Here at UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of San Diego, we understand that packing can be a time-consuming and meticulous process. That's why we encourage you to pack at your own pace. You have the freedom to keep the container on your property for as long as you need, whether that's for one month or even up to twelve months, ensuring that you can pack and prepare for your move without any added pressure.

Locally Owned and Operated.

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of San Diego is proudly managed by local moving experts in your area. We prioritize personalized service, and you won't encounter call centers or automated response systems when you contact us. Instead, you'll have the opportunity to speak directly with a knowledgeable specialist who is ready to assist you at every stage of your moving journey.

Local Moves the UNITS® Way!

We understand the challenges that moving day can bring. The rush and the logistical puzzles of relocating your belongings can be overwhelming. Watch our informative video and discover how UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of San Diego simplifies this process!

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