What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Convention Centers?

What solutions can UNITS® offer convention centers? Reliable storage services are indispensable to maintain an organized and functional event environment for convention centers. From storing event equipment and supplies to managing seasonal decorations and promotional materials, having ample storage space is essential. With our dedicated portable storage solutions tailored to the unique needs of convention facilities, centers can optimize space utilization, declutter event areas, and streamline operations. UNITS® portable storage containers provide flexible options, serving as a day-to-day solution for easy access to event merchandise, signage, documentation, and extra equipment. Need to reconfigure the convention layout for maximum space efficiency? Store all equipment and accessories in containers on-site or in our storage facility located in Poway. By investing in efficient storage solutions, convention centers can focus on delivering exceptional event experiences to their clients without the hassle of cluttered spaces.

Convention centers require seamless moving services during event layout changes or renovations to minimize downtime and disruptions. Tailored portable storage solutions, designed specifically for the requirements of convention facilities, offer a stress-free solution for safely transporting event materials, supplies, and amenities to their new location or storage facility. With our secure portable storage containers, reliable transportation, and the ROBO-UNIT delivery system, convention centers can confidently plan and execute their event projects, knowing their assets are in capable hands. UNITS® provides a safe space for bulky event equipment and securely transports delicate decorations. Convention centers trust us to facilitate a smooth transition, allowing events to resume swiftly and efficiently without disruption. Whether hosting conferences, trade shows, or exhibitions, convention centers rely on UNITS® for reliable storage and moving services that enhance event efficiency and streamline operations. With our customizable storage solutions and expert moving capabilities, convention centers can ensure a seamless event experience for their clients and attendees.

A few of our services include:

  • Flexible Storage Solutions: At UNITS® of San Diego, we offer portable storage containers in 12’ and 16’ sizes, providing convention centers with versatile options to meet their specific storage needs.
  • All-Steel Constructed Portable Storage Containers: Our inventory includes a large supply of on-site, weather-resistant portable storage containers perfect for housing catering supplies, printed materials, decorations, and other event-specific items.
  • Temperature-Controlled Storage Facility: We provide off-site, climate-controlled storage options for sensitive items requiring special care and long-term storage to ensure their preservation and integrity.
  • Seamless Container Placement, Wherever You Need It: With our ROBO-UNIT technology, we ensure secure, hands-off transportation between locations and precise container placement, no matter where you need them within your convention center.
  • Storage Services for Every Event: We offer full-service storage solutions tailored to the needs of event organizers, whether it’s for trade shows, comic conventions, or any other type of event.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

If you’re a convention center owner, you’re likely familiar with the diverse range of events organized within your venue, spanning from small festivals and home shows to grand conventions attracting thousands of attendees. You understand the substantial amount of equipment and supplies required to plan and execute these events successfully, ranging from event seating and cleaning supplies to props, decorations, and tools. Ensuring a successful event entails creating a clean, uncluttered environment for attendees, free of any obstacles. That’s where UNITS® steps in to lend a hand!

At UNITS® of San Diego, we offer storage and transportation services tailored to meet the needs of any event, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere while ensuring smooth operations. Our containers feature robust all-steel construction, lockable barn-style doors, and exceptional weather resistance, providing a secure storage solution for all your event supplies. You’re welcome to keep the container on-site for as long as necessary, from event planning to closing remarks, ensuring convenient access to your stored items around the clock. Additionally, we offer access to our climate-controlled storage facility conveniently located in Poway for items requiring temperature-controlled storage, such as documents or furniture.

As a locally owned and operated business, UNITS® of San Diego is deeply invested in seeing our neighbors thrive. With our durable steel containers, customizable moving and storage options, and attentive, friendly customer service, choosing UNITS® as your partner is easy. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our Google reviews to see what our satisfied customers have to say!

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We’re eager to collaborate with local convention centers to ensure the seamless execution of all your events. Our services come at specially discounted rates for our National Accounts partners, and we’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way. Reach out to UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of San Diego today to discover how we can elevate your convention events!