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Get Stress Free Moving and Extra Space With Portable Storage in Davis, CA

Moving is stressful for everyone and at UNITs we want to make moving as easy as possible with portable storage in Davis. With portable storage we bring the storage containers directly to your door. You then load it at your pace and on your time, when you are ready we then pick up the container and deliver it to your new location.

Portable storage is also a great way to free up extra space in your home. We can also store your container in our secure storage facility for you. You can access your container at our location, or you can just contact us and we’ll deliver it to you on demand when you need it.

Whether you just need some extra space or are moving to a new home or apartment, UNITS on demand storage and moving could be the perfect solution for your needs.

Keep reading below to learn more about how we are different, and why we are a great choice.

The UNITS Difference

At UNITS we are committed to top notch customer service, support, and providing the best experience possible. We are locally owned and operated which means we truly understand the unique challenges that you are facing with moving and storage in Davis.

Our team goes to every effort to make sure that you are getting superior service that will exceed your expectations. From your first contact, through delivery, pick up, and finally storage or final delivery we are there to help you along the way.

We can deliver our containers anywhere you are. With the help of our robo-unit we can navigate tight alleys, and sharp corners to ensure everyone can have access to portable storage.

Outside of our customer service our containers stand above the competition in a variety of ways that we will detail below. When you choose UNITS as your portable storage in Davis provider you can rest easy knowing that you and your property are in great hands.

How It Works

locally owned

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Moving & Portable Storage Services in Davis, California

UNIT is Delivered

When you are ready we bring the container to you. This can be a contactless delivery. If you are located in an area with limited access or space we do have the robo-unit which can finish delivery at locations where large trucks cannot fit.

Baltimore Storage Units

You Pack And Load Your UNIT

You can load it up fast or take your time. Whatever works best with your schedule.

UNITS Storage Container

We Pick It Up When You Decide

When you are ready for us to pick up the container just contact us to schedule the day and time of pick up. This can be a contactless pickup as well.

Contact Us Today To Get Started With Portable Storage in Davis

If you are ready to learn more about UNITS, ask a question, or get started with a quote then contact our friendly team today. We are happy to help you with any of your needs and can’t wait for the opportunity to show you just how great our UNITS are. We stand by our commitment to our customers and the local community and appreciate the chance to earn your business.

Learn More About Our Portable Storage Containers

Our portable storage in Davis containers were designed with ease of use in mind. We have wide doors that sit on the ground level to make getting in and out of the UNIT with a dolly, furniture, appliances, or boxes easily accessible. No more having to push and pull heavy items up a ramp into a large boxy truck. Ground level entry is the easy and stress free way of loading and packing. Our containers are weather proof to keep the rain and other element out and away from your belongings. The roof is also made of semi transparent material. This means that no one can see into your UNIT, but it does allow sunlight to get into the container so you can easily see what you are doing while loading it up. The sides of the container come equipped with tie down and anchor points. You can ultilze these to secure your items as you pack and load to protect against any shifting that could possibly happen while in transit. You also supply your own lock for your container so you know no one else will have access to your UNIT either while at your location or while it is in transport or storage.

On Demand Commercial Portable Storage

We are also not just limited to residential storage offerings. We also provide complete commercial portable storage in Davis when and where you need it. Whether you need to clear out some space for an office remodel, or need to bring in extra inventory having a secure container at your location can greatly help your business. We have experience serving commercial properties, construction projects, offices, remodels and more. Contact us to learn more about how a UNIT can make a difference for your business.

Latest Customer Reviews

Preparing to move to Davis? UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage of Sacramento has your back! Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Whether you need a portable storage UNIT for your next move or just need some extra space for your big home project, our sturdy portable storage containers provide the perfect solution.

With UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage of Sacramento , moving has never been more convenient. To start, just give us a call to tell us when and where you need one of our portable storage containers. Our advanced ROBO-Lift® technology makes delivering our portable containers to narrow driveways or parking situations an easy task. This technology even allows us to navigate around tricky street corners while keeping your belongings secure and stable. After we deliver the portable storage container, take your time packing. Many moving and storage companies force their customers to abide by a strict schedule – we save our customers stress by encouraging them to set their own pace! Once you’re finished, call us again to let us know where take your container. We can either deliver it to your new home or take it back to our secure and climate-controlled storage facility. We’re here to accommodate you!

UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage of Sacramento is a locally operated and owned business. We’re passionate about making moving more affordable and convenient for our local community. To get a free quote on your portable storage container, call (916) 245-7515 today!

Customers Love UNITS of Sacramento

Our customers love our patented UNIT storage containers. The proof is in our Google reviews!

Eric also left us a five-star rating on Google, writing, “Excellent service from start to finish. Friendly staff. Big and roomy container made loading easy. UNITS crew also took all the hassle out of finding guys to help with the move by scheduling a team from Pack It Tight to come do the labor chores at both the move out and move in. I wish all businesses ran as well as UNITS!”

Sherri gave us a five-star review, writing, “Sam far exceeds the competition in handling the client's life as they move from their house to home. Sam and his team help make the move a smooth transition whether it's local or across the country. They always go above and beyond!”

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In the mood for a world-class performance? Look no further than the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts . This symphony hall and premier performance space hosts performances ranging anywhere from operatic luminaries to the Indigo Girls and anything in between.

Bohart Museum of Entomology

Looking for a unique, family-friendly experience? Try the Bohart Museum of Entomology, a center located on the University of California, Davis campus. The institution is dedicated to teaching and researching everything to do with insects. Feel brave enough to handle a tarantula?

Moving Supplies & Packing Boxes in Davis, California

Moving can be a frustrating experience without the right supplies. Foam wraps, cardboard boxes, and other packing supplies help keep you organized and your belongings safe. Find all the moving supplies you could ever need at the following local home improvement stores:

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Ready for your big move to Davis? Let UNITS help! To get a free quote on your UNIT container, call UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage of Sacramento at (916) 245-7515 today

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