Portable Storage In Citrus Heights

Is Portable Storage Right For You?

Essentially, you get portable storage by placing the items that you want to store into a portable storage unit instead of a vehicle or truck. These units can sit in one spot outside for as long as you want. Or, we can easily move them to your new home or new business location. If you need to place some items in storage for a little while (or years) we can move the portable unit to our secure storage facility.

The benefit is simple: you pack things once, and you unpack things once, but you can move the unit as much as you want. You can take more time moving, feel better about the security of your objects, and change your moving plans at any time.

How Does It Work?

The whole process is very simple. You call us and tell us where you’d like us to park your portable storage unit. If you’re moving, you’ll probably want it outside of your house. Businesses will want it somewhere convenient on their property.

We suggest you get your storage unit a bit before you move. You can then take your time filling it up slowly, instead of rushing on a single day. When you’re ready, we can drive your unit to your new home or new location. If you’re not ready for that, or need longer storage, then we can bring your unit to our secure storage facility and keep it there for as long as you like.

Stress Free Moving And Storage Is Easy

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Portable Storage In Citrus Heights

UNIT is Delivered

When you are ready we bring the container to you. This can be a contactless delivery. If you are located in an area with limited access or space we do have the robo-unit which can finish delivery at locations where large trucks cannot fit.

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You Pack And Load Your UNIT

You can load it up fast or take your time. Whatever works best with your schedule.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage container.

We Pick It Up When You Decide

When you are ready for us to pick up the container just contact us to schedule the day and time of pick up. This can be a contactless pickup as well.

Try Our Robo Unit for Your Portable Storage

Now, we’re offering an even easier way to move your portable storage unit around. We have a ROBO-UNIT, or a robot delivery service that can hydraulically lift the unit, and up to 7,000 pounds of weight inside of it. The robotic unit can place your storage unit wherever you like, even in tight parking spots. That means that the truck doesn’t have to drive into your driveway, which can reduce the chances that it will damage your driveway or your property. If you overfill the unit, the robot can still move it if it is under 10,000 pounds.

The Benefits Of Portable Storage If You’re Moving

If you’re an individual or family that is moving, why should you choose portable storage over other moving options? There are plenty of benefits that moving companies and traditional moving trucks just can’t offer. Including: More time for moving: No one enjoys trying to move everything that they own on a single day. One of the best benefits of portable storage is that the unit can sit in your driveway for as long as you want. Move in items and furniture that you rarely use, over a period of days or weeks, instead of rushing for one day. This can save you money, if it means that you won’t need to hire a moving crew. Interim storage: Are you downsizing? You might not be sure what will fit in your new home and what will not. Our portable storage units make it really convenient to hold onto items for a bit, so that you can more easily sort through what you’ll put in your new home, and what you might want to sell, give away, or store for the long term. You can do all of that without repeatedly packing and unpacking things. Don’t drive the truck: We can handle the driving for you, so that you don’t need to worry about handling a huge truck. Simple delivery: Speaking of driving the truck, we can deliver the storage unit anywhere, and not just around Citrus Heights. Light: Our portable storage units are conveniently designed to have more light, with a transparent top, so that it’s easier to work in them. Convenience: UNITS goes out of our way to make every step of your move more convenient. You can get all of your moving supplies from us, from straps to boxes, furniture covers and more.

The Benefits Of Commercial Portable Storage In Citrus Heights

What if you’re a business? Then you can benefit from portable storage in many other ways. Here are some ways that you can use portable storage depending on your industry: Retail: Portable storage is a great way to manage inventory. If you have a small space, use storage to handle off-season inventory or excess. In peak times, like Christmas, use portable storage to handle extra inventory. Contractors: Keep materials, tools and other items safe before your job begins or before you need it. Offices: If you’re remodeling, portable storage is convenient to temporary place furniture, equipment and other supplies. You can also use portable storage to move your office to a new location, or store off-season items and paperwork. Real estate: Connect your clients with a smarter way to move or store their items while their home is being staged and they’ll appreciate it. Construction: Keep your tools, materials and equipment on the construction site, protected from the elements, with a portable storage unit.
UNITS Storage Container Interior
What do these portable storage units in Citrus Heights look like? We have two convenient sizes of storage units both of which have a ton of convenient features that make the units more useful and secure. Our storage unit sizes are 8 x 8 x12 and 8 x 8 x 16. They also have these useful features:
  • Channel strapping system
  • Translucent roof
  • Advanced locking system
  • Watertight and mold-resistant body
  • UV resistant body
They are just as suitable for long term storage as they are for a quick move.

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