What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Big Box Stores?

UNITS® of Northeast Kansas is primed to assist your big box store with a spectrum of storage and transportation services meticulously customized to align with your unique requirements. And, for those who opt to collaborate with us through our National Accounts Program, we extend the benefit of specially discounted rates for our comprehensive range of services.

Our moving and storage solutions include:

  • Efficient Inventory Management
    • Big box stores in northeast Kansas can harness the potential of UNITS® containers to revolutionize their inventory management practices. These containers offer abundant space for efficiently storing surplus inventory, seasonal merchandise, or promotional materials, ensuring that stores maintain meticulously organized stock levels and the ability to swiftly access items as the need arises.

  • Store Renovations or Remodeling
    • Amidst store renovations or remodeling endeavors, UNITS® containers present an elegant and hassle-free solution for storing an array of assets, ranging from shelving units to fixtures and equipment. With UNITS®, big box stores can securely store these essentials on their property throughout the construction or renovation process, thereby minimizing disruptions to their daily operations.

  • Seasonal Merchandise Storage
    • In seasonal merchandise, big box stores often grapple with the need for storage during off-peak periods. UNITS® offers a dependable solution featuring a secure and climate-controlled off-site warehouse designed to safeguard seasonal inventory. This ensures that items remain pristine until the opportune moment arrives for display and sale.
    • Furthermore, for big box stores encountering a surge in inventory deliveries during peak seasons, such as the holiday rush or Halloween, UNITS® containers emerge as a strategic asset. These portable storage solutions enable stores to accommodate freshly arrived products and merchandise, guaranteeing a constant and well-stocked inventory for their valued customers.

  • Temporary Expansion
    • In scenarios where big box stores face challenges in hosting events, navigating temporary space constraints, or managing customer influxes with limited crowd control options, UNITS® containers offer versatile solutions. These containers can be conveniently placed on-site, serving as pop-up shops to streamline productivity or as reliable storage options, catering to the unique needs of each situation.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Northeast Kansas offers a wide array of containers that perfectly align with the diverse inventory requirements of big box stores. Ranging from 12′ to 16′, these containers present a versatile solution for accommodating excess inventory, seasonal items, promotional materials, and various other items. Their generous interior space ensures efficient organization, facilitating quick and hassle-free access to stored items, whether bulky furniture pieces, large appliances, or merchandise packed in boxes. UNITS® containers are engineered to provide the flexibility and capacity necessary to store items of varying sizes and quantities.

For big box stores, safeguarding valuable merchandise is paramount, demanding a secure and controlled storage environment. UNITS® containers are meticulously designed with security as a top priority, boasting robust steel construction, lockable doors, and a one-piece roof for enhanced protection. Moreover, we extend the option of utilizing our offsite storage warehouse, featuring climate control to maintain a stable temperature and humidity level. This ensures the preservation of sensitive inventory, electronic equipment, and perishable goods, guaranteeing that stored items remain in optimal condition, ready for sale whenever needed.

One of the most significant advantages of UNITS® containers for big box stores is their unparalleled on-site accessibility and convenience. These containers are easily transported to the store premises, granting effortless access to inventory and merchandise. This eliminates the complexities of transportation logistics, streamlining inventory management, and restocking processes. With UNITS® containers, big box stores enjoy the convenience of having their inventory readily available at their doorstep, facilitating swift retrieval and seamless store operations.


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