The Best Local Customer Service

The distinctive factor distinguishing UNITS® of Northeast Kansas from others, including self-storage alternatives, is our locally owned and operated establishment. When you reach out to us, your call isn’t redirected to a distant call center; instead, you connect with a nearby branch. Our proprietors and staff possess an in-depth understanding of the Northeast Kansas area. They’re adept at addressing all your inquiries and are genuinely devoted to catering to your moving and storage necessities, surpassing everyone else’s dedication, except perhaps yours. Attempt to secure such personalized attention from a self-storage call center.


At UNITS®, our proprietors are committed to presenting the most competitive rates within the Northeast Kansas market. This commitment frequently results in our moving and storage expenses being considerably lower than those associated with self-storage. Naturally, the final choice rests with you. Acquire a quote from us today and then compare it to one from a self-storage facility, even one of the cheaper ones! We guarantee your contentment, as UNITS® refrains from any hidden charges, period.

Long-Term Contracts? No Thanks!

UNITS® of Northeast Kansas extends monthly agreements instead of coercing you into multi-month or even annual contracts as self-storage entities often do. We have a concise and uncomplicated agreement process devoid of gimmicks. You’re never held to a rigid rental deadline when you select us; you’re free to store your belongings with us for as long as you require.

One Move. One Time.

With UNITS® of Northeast Kansas, the worries associated with double or triple packing, truck rentals, or daily rates become obsolete. A single packing session is all it takes, and you won’t need supplementary rentals for trucks that necessitate your driving. Our UNITS® containers are brought to your location and retrieved once done. No driving is ever required on your part.

Built Tough

UNITS® containers are engineered for durability. Incorporating steel construction, Morgans and Supremes, FRP sides, and sturdy steel frames and doors, our containers stand as the epitome of weather-resistant storage solutions. Such an amalgamation of features makes our containers vastly superior to those in the self-storage sector, which often lacks this level of construction quality.

More Interior Space & Capacity

The containers provided by UNITS® of Northeast Kansas boast impressive dimensions, offering substantial roominess. In truth, owing to our distinctive door design, our containers can accommodate more cubic feet of possessions than certain self-storage establishments. Your ideal choice for the space you necessitate is undoubtedly UNITS® of Northeast Kansas.