What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Venues and Event Spaces?

UNITS® offers specialized moving solutions meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of venues and event spaces, ensuring smooth transitions between events while enhancing operational efficiency. Thanks to our innovative ROBO-UNIT delivery system, transporting event essentials like equipment, furniture, and decor items to and from venues has never been easier. Our portable storage containers provide a secure and convenient hub for storing these necessities, granting venues easy access to their inventory whenever required. This streamlined moving service minimizes downtime and disruptions, empowering venues to prioritize delivering exceptional experiences for their clients and guests sans the logistical headaches.

In addition to our moving prowess, UNITS® provides flexible storage solutions tailored to support the operational needs of venues and event spaces. Our portable storage containers offer generous space for housing seasonal decorations, event equipment, and surplus inventory onsite or at our climate-controlled storage facility in Maple Hill. With customizable storage plans, venues can efficiently manage their storage requirements, ensuring swift access to essential items while optimizing available space. UNITS®’ secure storage solutions enable venues to maintain tight inventory control, maximize storage efficiency, and elevate operational prowess, thus laying the groundwork for successful events and satisfied clientele.

A few of our services include:

  • Convenience and Accessibility: We pride ourselves on the versatility of our containers, available in 12′ and 16′ sizes. They are swiftly delivered straight to the venue’s doorstep, eliminating the hassle of relying on offsite storage facilities. This unparalleled accessibility ensures that event-related equipment and supplies are conveniently on-site, poised for immediate use, thus minimizing downtime and averting potential logistical hurdles.
  • Security and Protection: Events often involve valuable equipment, merchandise, and supplies that demand protection against potential threats like theft, vandalism, and unpredictable weather conditions. Our UNITS® containers are meticulously engineered with durability and security at the forefront, boasting robust steel construction and weather-resistant materials. As a result, these containers offer a fortified and weather-proof storage solution, instilling confidence and peace of mind among event organizers.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Our UNITS® containers emerge as a time-saving gem by eliminating the need for laborious trips to offsite storage facilities. This reclaimed time can be redirected towards tackling other critical aspects of event preparation. Moreover, the substantial cost savings from bypassing offsite storage expenses can significantly bolster cost efficiency, particularly when considering cumulative savings across numerous events.
  • Conference Centers, Convention Venues, and Wedding Venues: UNITS® of Northeast Kansas extends our user-friendly, cost-effective, and customizable moving and storage services to cater specifically to the distinct needs of conference centers, convention venues, and wedding venues. These event spaces call for diverse items, from decor to seating arrangements and specialized equipment. Event organizers can confidently store their essentials nearby, ensuring both security and accessibility whenever required.
  • Scalability: Venues and expansive event spaces frequently host gatherings of varying scales and unique requirements. Our UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage containers offer an invaluable level of scalability, allowing event organizers to effortlessly adjust the number of containers in use according to the event’s magnitude and demands. This exceptional adaptability guarantees that storage solutions seamlessly align with the needs of both small-scale and large-scale events, further enhancing the overall efficiency of event management.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage offers an all-encompassing and adaptable storage solution tailored to suit event venues of any caliber or scale. Their containers epitomize convenience, security, and flexibility, making them indispensable assets within the bustling event industry. By leveraging UNITS® containers for on-site storage, event venues can streamline operations, bolster organization, and deliver unparalleled experiences to clients and attendees alike.

These portable storage containers boast generous space to accommodate event essentials ranging from equipment and furniture to decor and supplies, enabling venues to maintain meticulous organization while ensuring easy accessibility. With an array of customizable storage options, venues can efficiently manage their inventory, optimizing space utilization and simplifying logistics. Whether it’s storing seasonal decorations in between events or keeping staging equipment readily available on-site, UNITS® containers stand ready to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of venues and event spaces.

Furthermore, UNITS® containers are engineered with security features to safeguard stored items effectively. Sporting lockable doors and weather-resistant materials, these containers offer robust protection against threats like theft, vandalism, and inclement weather conditions. Venue owners and event planners can be assured that their valuable assets are securely housed within UNITS® containers. Moreover, the convenience of on-site storage translates into swift and effortless access to event materials, slashing the time and effort required for both setup and teardown. In essence, UNITS® containers deliver a dependable storage solution that amplifies the efficiency and efficacy of venues and event spaces and contributes significantly to the success of each event they host. Don’t forget to explore our stellar Google reviews!


Contact UNITS® of Northeast Kansas

Venues and event spaces searching for top-notch storage and moving solutions can effortlessly connect with UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage. With our locally owned and operated branch strategically positioned in Northeast Kansas, UNITS® stands ready to provide personalized and attentive service tailored to your unique requirements. Whether it’s a simple phone call or completing our Instant Quote Form, the dedicated professionals at UNITS® of Northeast Kansas are primed to offer expert guidance and engage in detailed discussions regarding your specific needs. Furthermore, by enrolling in our esteemed National Accounts Program, venues gain access to exclusive discounted rates for a variety of our services, ensuring optimal cost efficiency with every collaboration.