What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Interior Designers?

UNITS® of Minneapolis provides a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of interior designers. We recognize that effective inventory control, efficient storage solutions, and seamless transportation are essential components of your business. To help you succeed, we offer the following services and more:

  • Storage 
    • Clients typically rent between 5 and 10 containers stored in temperature-controlled warehouses to store their customer’s deliveries.
  • Item reception
    • Orders can potentially be delivered directly to our warehouse at a low fee per package
  • Item inspection
    • Some of our warehouses allow our interior design customers to come to our warehouse and inspect shipments as they are opened for quality, damage control, and to assign to the appropriate container
    • Photos can be taken upon shipment arrival for documenting conditions.
    • Our interior design customers can arrange to have items repacked on-site in original boxes and labeled with the client name and asset number
  • Delivery and transportation
    • Spacious, clean, ready-to-pack containers delivered to the desired property
    • Access to containers for smaller deliveries
    • Multiple customers can be stored in single containers and dropped at customer locations.
  • Drop Shipping
    • Contact our location directly to learn more about drop shipping products directly to our warehouse.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

Interior designers are well aware of the significant time and effort involved in the logistics of moving, storing, and arranging furniture and decor. Traditional moving companies often prove to be costly and inefficient, making it challenging to achieve the desired results. UNITS® of Minneapolis is here to provide a superior alternative, designed to streamline your interior design projects.

UNITS® stands out as the ideal solution for interior designers seeking efficiency and convenience. Unlike traditional movers, with UNITS®, there’s no need to repeatedly unpack and repack your items. Everything is pre-stored in our secure containers, which can be conveniently delivered to your location. Our innovative ROBO-UNIT delivery system ensures that your containers can be easily transported to challenging locations, including areas with low overhangs, tight corners, uneven terrain, and slopes. Plus, our advanced system prevents the contents from shifting during transport, safeguarding your furniture and decor.

Moreover, you can have peace of mind regarding the safety of your items while in storage. UNITS® offers secure, spotless, and climate-controlled storage facilities to protect your belongings from damage. There’s no need for you to visit the warehouse to access your items; we’ll bring them to you precisely when and where you need them. By choosing UNITS®, you can focus on your interior design work while we handle the heavy lifting and logistics.

Contact UNITS® of Minneapolis

When you partner with UNITS® of Minneapolis, you’ll benefit from the advantages of working with a locally owned and managed location. This means you’ll always have a dedicated and caring point of contact committed to delivering the best service possible. Additionally, our National Accounts program offers specially discounted rates for our services, enhancing cost-efficiency for your interior design business. Reach out to UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Minneapolis today, and let us help your interior design business thrive.

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