The Best Local Customer Service

What truly distinguishes UNITS® of Minneapolis is our unwavering commitment to being a local, independently owned and operated facility. Unlike the impersonal experience of dealing with remote call centers located far away, you connect with a local team when you reach out to us. Our owners and staff are intimately familiar with the Minneapolis area, equipped to address all your inquiries, and genuinely invested in catering to your moving and storage requirements. You won’t find this level of personalized care from a self-storage call center.


At UNITS®, we prioritize offering the most competitive pricing within the Minneapolis market. As a result, our average moving and storage costs typically undercut those of self-storage facilities. Don’t take our word for it – request a quote from us today and conduct a side-by-side comparison of our quote with one from a self-storage provider, ensuring an apples-to-apples evaluation. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. UNITS® upholds a transparent pricing policy, free from any hidden fees.

Long Term Contracts? No Thanks!

UNITS® of Minneapolis operates on a month-to-month agreement basis instead of the multi-month or even year-to-year commitments often proffered by self-storage facilities. We believe in keeping our contracts concise and straightforward, without the need for gimmicks or hidden clauses. Your rental duration is entirely at your discretion – store with us for as long as you require.

One Move. One Time.

With UNITS® of Minneapolis, you can bid farewell to the complexities of double or triple packing, truck rentals, or daily rate concerns. One packing operation is all it takes, eliminating the need for additional truck rentals and the associated hassle of driving them. UNITS® containers are delivered to your doorstep and collected from your location when you’re ready – no driving is necessary on your part.

Built Tough

UNITS® containers are engineered to endure. Featuring resilient steel construction, including Morgans and Supremes with FRP sides, robust steel frames, and steel doors, our containers boast unrivaled weather resistance. When it comes to withstanding the elements, self-storage facilities simply can’t match our level of construction.

More Interior Space & Capacity

UNITS® of Minneapolis containers are generously sized and ingeniously designed to optimize interior space. Our unique door design allows us to accommodate more cubic feet of storage space compared to certain self-storage facilities. When you opt for UNITS®, you choose a solution that provides the room you need – space often lacking in traditional self-storage containers.