Durable Weather-Resistant Containers for Minneapolis’s Construction Storage Needs

Minneapolis contractors face the challenge of protecting their equipment and materials against the city’s varied climate. UNITS® addresses this with durable, weather-resistant portable storage units, designed specifically for the construction industry. Our storage containers, easily accessible at your site, shield against weather, theft, and damage. This level of protection is vital for any construction storage needs in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Andover.


Custom Storage Solutions for Every Project

On-Site Accessibility

Every construction project in Minneapolis, from home renovation storage to large-scale construction sites, has distinctive storage demands. UNITS® of Minneapolis offers versatile on-site and off-site storage while renovating, ensuring that your tools, machinery, and materials are protected and accessible. Our weather-resistant portable storage units are engineered to withstand Minneapolis’s unpredictable weather, delivering a reliable construction storage solution.

Efficient Site-to-Site Transportation

With mobility as a key design feature, UNITS® simplifies the transportation of equipment and materials across your project sites in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Andover. Our portable storage units are built for movement. You can increase your operation’s efficiency and minimize downtime related to material handling. This is crucial for commercial moving companies in Minneapolis and contractors looking for efficient construction storage solutions.

Organized & Safe PPE Storage

Prioritize worker safety with systematic construction storage for personal protective equipment (PPE). UNITS® containers offer a centralized, secure location for PPE, ensuring your crew has quick access to the necessary safety gear. This emphasis on organized and safe storage solutions underscores our commitment to Minneapolis’s construction and home renovation storage needs.

Support for Efficient Project Management

Successful contracting work in Minneapolis relies on effective project management. UNITS® enhances this by keeping your materials organized and readily accessible, streamlining project workflows and eliminating delays. This support is invaluable for contractors seeking construction storage and storage while renovating solutions that are both efficient and reliable.


The UNITS® of Minneapolis Advantage

Optimized Storage Space

UNITS® of Minneapolis offers expansive, cost-effective construction storage and home renovation storage solutions, removing the limitations of traditional storage methods. Our containers provide plenty of space for supplies, tools, and equipment, meeting the needs of commercial moving companies in Minneapolis and individual contractors alike.

Scaling Your Business

We’re dedicated to supporting the growth of your contracting business in Minneapolis with flexible, reliable construction storage solutions. UNITS® empowers you to take on more projects with confidence, knowing your storage while renovating needs are covered.

Storing Customer Belongings with Care

Our containers provide a secure space for customer possessions during renovations or construction, enhancing satisfaction with your services. This focus on customer care is what sets UNITS® apart as a leader among commercial moving companies and storage solutions in Minneapolis.

Streamlined Material Logistics

UNITS® ensures the smooth movement of materials between job sites, a key service for commercial moving companies in Minneapolis. We guarantee timely delivery of your supplies, allowing you to focus on completing projects successfully.


Partner with UNITS® of Minneapolis

As a locally owned and operated business, UNITS® of Minneapolis is committed to providing exceptional service to the contractor community. Contact us today to discover how our construction storage and home renovation storage solutions can enhance your business’s efficiency and effectiveness. Let UNITS® be your partner in success, offering the secure storage solutions and support you need to thrive in Minneapolis’s dynamic construction landscape.

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