What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Convention Centers?

At UNITS® of Los Angeles, we offer a diverse array of customizable solutions meticulously tailored to cater to the unique needs of convention centers. Furthermore, our innovative ROBO-UNIT delivery system ensures the flexibility to drop off and pick up your storage container at the location of your choice. Additionally, we extend special discounted rates and packages for businesses that become part of our National Accounts Program. We welcome the opportunity to engage in a more detailed discussion regarding the services and options that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

A few of our services include:

  • Large supply of on-site, weather-resistant portable storage for catering supplies, printed materials, decorations, and other event-specific items
  • Off-site, climate-controlled storage options for sensitive items and long-term storage
  • Secure, hands-off transportation between locations and precise container placement with our ROBO-UNIT
  • Full-service storage for event organizers like trade shows, comic conventions, and more

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

If you are the proud owner of a convention center, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the broad spectrum of events that event organizers bring to life within your venue. These events range from the intimate, like small festivals and home shows, to the grandiose conventions that draw thousands of attendees. Alongside this diversity in events, you’re well aware of the extensive inventory of equipment and supplies required to orchestrate these occasions. This list includes everything from event seating and cleaning essentials to the intricate details of props, decorations, and essential tools. The hallmark of a successful event lies in creating a clean, uncluttered environment that allows attendees to fully immerse themselves in the experience. This is precisely where UNITS® steps in to play a pivotal role.

At UNITS® of Los Angeles, we extend our storage and transportation services tailored to cater to the unique demands of every event, ensuring that you can curate the ideal ambiance while maintaining seamless operations. Our storage containers are renowned for their robust all-steel construction, lockable barn-style doors, and exceptional weather resistance. Moreover, we grant you the freedom to retain the container on-site for the entire event planning and execution process. Whether you’re in need of secure storage for event supplies or require round-the-clock accessibility, our containers have got you covered. Our conveniently located climate-controlled storage facility in Los Angeles is at your service for items that demand precise climate control, such as sensitive documents or valuable furniture.

UNITS® of Los Angeles proudly operates as a local entity, deeply invested in the prosperity of our neighbors and the community at large. With our dependable steel containers, customizable moving and storage solutions, and a team committed to offering friendly and attentive customer service, selecting UNITS® as your partner becomes an evident choice.

Looking to Make Your Convention Center Experience Smoother Than a California Sunset?

Look no further than UNITS® portable storage containers! Our nifty containers aren’t just for moving – they’re your one-stop shop for all things storage and logistics.

Picture this: You’re hosting a mega-event and need a spot to stash extra chairs, banners, and swag bags. Boom! Our containers have your back. Need a temporary home for healthcare equipment, paperwork, or even a whole fleet of machinery? Consider it done. With UNITS®, storage is a breeze, whether you’re holding onto important documents or shifting heavy equipment from one end of the convention center to the other.

And get this – we’re not just local heroes. With locations sprinkled nationwide, we’re like your trusty sidekick for long-distance moves too! Our ROBO-UNIT delivery system ensures your container lands exactly where you need it when you need it – no fuss, no stress.

Oh, and did we mention we’re locally owned and operated? That’s right – we’re your friendly neighborhood storage solution, backed by the reliability of a national brand. So, next time you’re in a pinch, remember: UNITS® portable storage containers – making convention center chaos a thing of the past!


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