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During this period of change, your move doesn't need to be a burden; with UNITS® of Los Angeles, ease is paramount! Our aim is to provide you with the most hassle-free, relaxed solution for your storage requirements while also granting you the flexibility to proceed at your own speed.
Moving Made Easy With UNITS Portable Containers
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Complete our Instant Quote Form or get in touch with one of our UNITS® of Los Angeles representatives to receive a quote, arrange delivery, and discuss any other needs you may have. We don't use call centers – you'll always communicate with a local moving specialist who is ready to guide you through every stage. As a locally owned and operated business, we have years of experience serving the Los Angeles community. Reach out to us by phone or submit an online request for a quote!

Moving Made Easy With UNITS Portable Containers
We’ll Come to You.

Upon request, we will deliver a storage container to your residence. Our containers are durable, weather-resistant, and built to endure. Using our innovative ROBO-UNIT Delivery System, we will place your container exactly where you need it while maintaining a level position.

Woman putting cardboard boxes into a portable storage container.
Take Your Time!

Since you're in charge of the packing process, you can take your time. There's no strict schedule to adhere to – just your own!

Man and woman exiting a portable storage container.
Move In.

UNITS® of Los Angeles removes the stress from moving by enabling you to proceed at your preferred pace. We'll transport your container to your new home, where you can unpack whenever you wish. Alternatively, if your closing dates don't align, we can store your container at our climate-controlled storage facility in Los Angeles until you're ready to move in. Unpack at your convenience and contact us once you're done.

Self-Storage Delivered Right to Your Door.

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Los Angeles simplifies moving by providing a weather-resistant portable storage container directly to your property without any need for you to leave home! Our innovative ROBO-UNIT Delivery System allows us to place your portable storage container at ground level wherever you desire. We're not deterred by sloping terrain, uneven roads, or inclement weather conditions.

Pack Your Way.

We never rush our clients at UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Los Angeles. We understand that packing can be time-consuming, so we encourage you to take it slow. Retain the container on your property for as long as you need, be it a month or an entire year.

Locally Owned and Operated.

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Los Angeles is operated by experienced professionals from your area. We avoid call centers and automated responses, ensuring that when you reach out to us, you'll be connected with a specialist who's prepared to guide you through the entire process.

Local Moves the UNITS® Way!

We're well-aware of how hectic moving day can be. Between rushing and sorting out the logistics of transporting your belongings from one location to another, it can be overwhelming. Discover how UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Los Angeles makes the process seamless for you by watching this video!

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