What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Big Box Stores?

So, what kind of assistance can UNITS® extend to big box stores? UNITS® of Los Angeles stands poised to support your big box establishment with storage and transportation services, all meticulously tailored to align with your precise requirements. When you choose to collaborate with us through our National Accounts Program, you unlock access to exclusive discounted rates for our suite of services.

Our moving and storage solutions include:

  • Efficient Inventory Management
    • Big box retailers can take advantage of UNITS® containers to revolutionize their inventory management. These spacious containers offer the perfect storage solution for surplus stock, seasonal goods, or promotional materials, enabling stores to maintain impeccable stock organization and swift item retrieval as needed.

  • Store Renovations or Remodeling
    • Regarding store face lifts or renovation projects, UNITS® containers present a convenient answer for safeguarding shelving units, fixtures, equipment, and more. With UNITS®, big box retailers can securely stash their belongings right on-site during construction or renovation, keeping daily operations running smoothly with minimal disruption.

  • Seasonal Merchandise Storage
    • Managing seasonal merchandise poses no problem for big box stores, as UNITS® offers a secure, climate-controlled off-site warehouse to house seasonal inventory. This ensures that your seasonal goods remain in impeccable condition until it’s time to unveil and sell them.
    • Dealing with a surge in inventory deliveries during bustling seasons like Christmas and Halloween? UNITS® comes to the rescue by providing portable storage for newly received products and merchandise. This ensures that big box stores always have readily available inventory to meet customer demands.

  • Temporary Expansion
    • In times of events, temporary space constraints, or when grappling with an influx of customers and limited crowd control options, UNITS® containers are a versatile solution. They can be positioned on-site as either a pop-up shop, streamlining customer interactions and productivity, or as a convenient storage option.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage in Los Angeles, our containers are tailor-made to meet the diverse inventory requirements of big box stores. Available in sizes ranging from 12′ to 16′, these containers offer generous space to effortlessly accommodate excess inventory, seasonal goods, promotional materials, and more. The spacious interior promotes efficient organization, ensuring quick and convenient access to items, whether they are bulky furniture pieces, large appliances, or stacks of merchandise. UNITS® containers provide the versatility and capacity needed to store items of various sizes and quantities.

Security is paramount when it comes to housing valuable merchandise for big box retailers. UNITS® containers are engineered with security in mind, featuring robust steel construction, lockable doors, and a one-piece roof for enhanced protection. Moreover, we extend the option of an offsite storage warehouse, complete with climate control. This controlled environment maintains a stable temperature and humidity level, safeguarding sensitive inventory, electronics, or perishable goods. This commitment ensures that stored items remain impeccable and always ready for sale.

A significant advantage of UNITS® containers for big box stores is their unparalleled on-site accessibility and convenience. These containers can be delivered directly to the store premises, offering seamless access to inventory and merchandise. This eliminates the need for complex transportation logistics, streamlining the workflow for inventory management and restocking. With UNITS® containers, big box retailers have the luxury of having their inventory at their doorstep, facilitating prompt retrieval and efficient store operations.

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