Moving & Portable Storage Services in Burbank, California

If you'92re gearing up for your big move to Burbank, we can help! At UNITS'ae Moving & Portable Storage of Los Angeles , we prioritize your satisfaction above all else. Whether you'92re a new resident looking for a way to safely and easily transport your belongings to your new home or a local that needs a storage solution during a home renovation, we have the perfect solution.

At UNITS, we recognized that many of our competitors in the moving and storage industry did not provide services that adapted to their customers'92 needs. That'92s why we designed our services to be as convenient as possible. To get started, simply call us and let us know where to deliver your portable storage container. Where other companies may impose deadlines or time limits, we encourage our customers to set the pace. Take your time with packing! When you'92re finished, just give us another call and let us know where and when to deliver your container. Our patented ROBO-LIFT'ae technology allows us to navigate tight streets and narrow parking situations while keeping your belongings safe and secure. If you do not wish us to deliver your container to a secondary location, we can store your belongings in our secure and climate-controlled storage facility.

Like every UNITS franchise, we are a locally owned and operated business. We care deeply about our community and wish you to have the smoothest and most welcoming experience possible. Ready to embark on your move to Burbank? For a free quote, call us at (877) 838-6487 today!

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

It'92s critically important to us that all of our customers have an excellent experience with our services. Your belongings are important to you, which means they'92re important to us. Moving can sometimes be an exhausting process. That'92s why we want to help you as much as possible! Hear what past customers have to say about their experience with UNITS:

Bryan left a 5-star review on Google and wrote, '93Andrew just came to drop off a storage unit at our house. He was able to maneuver the unit exactly where we wanted into a very small spot. Great customer service – really nice guy! Thanks UNITS!'94

Adam also wrote us a 5-star review on Google, writing, '93I called several portable storage businesses and after a nightmarish experience with PODs I switched it up and went with UNITS. I could not have been more pleased with their service, prompt response to delivery, pickup and return request. I had my unit stored in their warehouse for 5 months and no items were damaged. John and Elizabeth have been wonderful to work with on all my various requests for deliveries and pickups. Will not use POD anymore, I am converted to being a UNITS customer. Thank you!'94

Moving to Burbank, California? Don'92t Miss These Main Attractions

Whether you'92ve just moved to Burbank or you'92ve been a resident for years, there'92s plenty of things to do and experience in this famous area. Here'92s just a few of our favorites:

Stough Canyon Nature Center

Nature lovers will find much to appreciate at the Stough Canyon Nature Center . This '93educational gateway'94 to the Verdugo Mountains and the Rim of the Valley trails provides ample opportunity to learn about the fauna, flora, wildlife, and habitat in this area of Los Angeles County.

Martial Arts History Museum

For fans of the martial arts – or anyone looking for a unique experience – the Martial Arts History Museum has plenty to offer. This combined educational, artistic, and cultural experience teaches visitors about the martial arts traditions of many different Asian countries and their significant role in history.

Find Moving Supplies in Burbank, California

Moving can be a stressful and frustrating process without the right supplies. Having boxes, foam wraps, and packing tape at hand can be a godsend. Check out these local hardware stores for all your moving supply needs:

DIY Home Center

3221 W Magnolia Blvd

Burbank, CA 91505

(818) 845-8301

Lowe'92s Home Improvement

2000 Empire Ave

Burbank, CA 91504

(818) 557-2300

Getting ready to move to Burbank? Call UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Los Angeles at (877) 838-6487 and get a free quote on your portable storage container today!

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