What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Convention Centers?

At UNITS® of Kansas City, we provide an array of tailor-made solutions designed to accommodate your convention center’s needs. Additionally, our unique ROBO-UNIT delivery system enables us to drop off and pick up your container at your desired location. We also extend special discounted rates to businesses participating in our National Accounts Program; we would be delighted to discuss the services and options we can offer you in greater detail.

A few of our services include:

  • Large supply of on-site, weather-resistant portable storage for catering supplies, printed materials, decorations and other event-specific items
  • Off-site, climate-controlled storage options for sensitive items and long-term storage
  • Secure, hands-off transportation between locations and precise container placement with our ROBO-UNIT
  • Full-service storage for event organizers like trade shows, comic conventions and more

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

As the owner of a convention center, you’re undoubtedly familiar with event planners organizing a wide range of events, from intimate festivals and home shows to massive conventions hosting thousands of attendees. You also understand the extensive amount of equipment and supplies required for planning and executing a successful event – everything from seating arrangements and cleaning supplies to props, decorations and tools. Ensuring a successful event involves maintaining a clean, open environment for attendees, devoid of any clutter or obstacles. That’s where UNITS® steps in!

UNITS® of Kansas City provides storage and transportation services tailored to any event, allowing you to create the ideal ambiance while ensuring smooth operations. Our containers feature an all-steel construction, lockable barn-style doors and exceptional weather resistance. Moreover, we invite you to keep the container on-site for the entire duration of your event, from the planning stage to the closing ceremony. Our containers deliver a secure storage solution for all your event supplies, accessible 24/7. For more temperature-sensitive items like documents or furniture, we also offer our climate-controlled storage facility conveniently located in Lenexa.

At UNITS® of Kansas City, we take pride in being a locally owned and operated business, which means we’re passionate about seeing our community flourish. With our sturdy steel containers, adaptable moving and storage solutions, and responsive, friendly customer service, selecting UNITS® as your partner is an easy decision.


Contact UNITS® of Kansas City

We are eager to work alongside local convention centers to ensure the seamless execution of all your events. We offer our services at a specially discounted rate for our National Accounts partners and are dedicated to guaranteeing your satisfaction throughout the entire process. Reach out to UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Kansas City to discover how we can enhance your convention events!