The Best Local Customer Service

Compared to self-storage, the distinguishing factor for UNITS® of Kansas City is our locally owned and managed establishment. When you contact us, you’ll be directly connected to a local branch, with owners and staff who understand the Kansas City region, can address all your inquiries, and prioritize your moving and storage requirements more than ANYONE else (except perhaps yourself). You won’t find that at a self-storage call center.


At UNITS®, we aim to provide the most affordable pricing in the Kansas City market. As a result, our average moving and storage costs are usually significantly lower than self-storage. But don’t just take our word for it – request a quote from us today and compare our prices with self-storage – you’ll be pleasantly surprised! UNITS® has zero hidden charges. END OF STORY.

Long Term Contracts? No Thanks!

UNITS® of Kansas City offers month-to-month agreements, unlike self-storage facilities that attempt to entice you into long-term commitments. We prefer to keep our contracts simple and straightforward, with no gimmicks. We’ll never tie you down to a rental period – store with us for as long as necessary.

One Move. One Time.

With UNITS® of Kansas City, there’s no need to stress over multiple packing sessions, renting trucks, or daily fees! One packing session is all you need, with no additional truck rentals required. We deliver and pick up UNITS® containers at your location, so you won’t need to drive.

Built Tough

Our UNITS® containers are designed to be resilient. Our containers feature steel walls (with Morgans and Supremes having FRP sides), solid steel frames, and steel doors, making them the most weather-resistant containers. Self-storage facilities lack some of these features.

More Interior Space & Capacity

The containers at UNITS® of Kansas City are roomy and accommodating. In fact, due to our innovative door design, we can provide more cubic footage than some self-storage facilities. Opt for the company that offers the storage space you need – UNITS® of Kansas City.