What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Big Box Stores?

At UNITS® of Kansas City, we offer a comprehensive range of storage and transportation services that can be customized to meet your store’s specific needs. Our expert team is committed to understanding your requirements and providing solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives. Additionally, if you partner with us through our National Accounts Program, we can offer specially discounted rates for our services, further optimizing your experience with UNITS®.

Our moving and storage solutions include:

  • Efficient Inventory Management
    • Big box stores can optimize their inventory management by leveraging the advantages of UNITS® containers. These containers offer spacious storage, allowing stores to efficiently store excess inventory, seasonal items, and promotional materials. With everything neatly organized, stores can easily maintain stock levels and swiftly access items when needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.
  • Store Renovations or Remodeling
    • During store renovations or remodeling projects, UNITS® containers are a convenient solution for storing various items such as shelving, fixtures, and equipment. By utilizing UNITS®, big box stores can securely store these items on their property, minimizing disruptions to daily operations. With everything conveniently located onsite, stores can easily continue their business activities while the construction or renovation work progresses.
  • Seasonal Merchandise Storage
    • Big box stores often encounter the need to store seasonal merchandise during off-peak periods. UNITS® offers a secure and climate-controlled off-site warehouse that ensures the optimal preservation of seasonal inventory. This controlled environment guarantees that the merchandise remains in top condition until it’s time for display and sale, providing peace of mind for store owners.
    • During peak seasons like Christmas and Halloween, when there is a surge in inventory, big box stores can rely on portable storage from UNITS®. By storing newly shipped products and merchandise in these portable containers, stores can ensure they always have readily available inventory for their customers. This proactive approach enables seamless restocking and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Temporary Expansion
    • Big box stores often require flexible solutions when hosting events, facing temporary space constraints, or managing unexpected influxes of customers. UNITS® containers offer an excellent solution by providing on-site placement. These containers can serve as pop-up shops, allowing stores to efficiently cater to their customers’ needs. Additionally, they can function as convenient storage options, ensuring easy access to additional stock whenever required.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Kansas City, we offer a range of containers catering to big box stores’ diverse inventory needs. Our containers come in sizes ranging from 12 feet to 16 feet, providing ample space to accommodate excess inventory, seasonal items, promotional materials, and more. With their spacious interiors, these containers facilitate efficient organization, ensuring easy access to items whenever required. From large furniture pieces to bulky appliances and boxes of merchandise, our UNITS® containers offer the flexibility and capacity to store items of various sizes and quantities, helping big box stores manage their inventory effectively.

Big box stores handle valuable merchandise that requires a secure and controlled environment. Our UNITS® containers are designed with security in mind, featuring sturdy steel construction, lockable doors, and a one-piece roof for enhanced protection. Moreover, we provide an offsite storage warehouse that is climate controlled, maintaining a stable temperature and humidity level to safeguard sensitive inventory, electronics, or perishable goods. This ensures that your stored items remain in optimal condition and are readily available for sale whenever needed.

One of the significant advantages of UNITS® containers for big box stores is their on-site accessibility and convenience. We offer hassle-free delivery of containers directly to your store premises, ensuring easy access to your inventory and merchandise. By eliminating the need for transportation logistics, we streamline your inventory management and restocking processes, saving you valuable time and effort. With UNITS® containers, you can have your inventory right on the property, facilitating quick retrieval and promoting efficient store operations.


Contact UNITS® of Kansas City

At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Kansas City, we take pride in being locally owned and managed by dedicated individuals who prioritize delivering exceptional service. When you contact us, you’re speaking with a local expert committed to assisting you with your storage needs, offering personalized assistance every step of the way. Additionally, our National Accounts Program provides special discounts to our valued partners. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your container delivery. UNITS® of Kansas City is here to support you in scaling your business successfully.