UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Services can help you move to Jacksonville Heights!

Are you moving to the Jacksonville Heights area? UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Service is here to help make your move as simple as possible! All you need to do is schedule your portable storage container to be dropped off wherever you need it first. Fill up your container on your own schedule and when you’re ready to move it, give us a call back and we’ll handle the rest!

Not ready to move just yet? Mismatched moving dates? Just need a little extra storage space to work with? UNITS Moving and Portable Storage can handle that! We can take your container to a climate controlled storage facility until you are ready to have it dropped off at your new home.

It’s really that easy! Give us a call at (904) 298-6939 to get a quote and get started!

Are you a contractor in Jacksonville Heights?

Working on a project in Jacksonville Heights and need a place to store your tools and supplies on the job? UNITS Portable Storage Services can handle that too! Our containers are perfect for safely securing your things on site so you can focus on getting the job done! Call us at (904) 298-6939 to see how a UNITS container can help you!


Getting to know Jacksonville Heights

This cozy and suburban zone nestled just outside the bustle of the downtown Jacksonville area makes Jacksonville Heights a great family location.  Easy access to various public transportation makes getting to Jacksonville’s main attractions easy and Jacksonville Heights is home to more than one public park, so there is plenty of nature and plenty of safe space to kids to enjoy!

Jacksonville Parks

Home to the largest park system in North America, Jacksonville maintains over 400 public and recreational spaces.  And because of the various terrains and climates based on location, you can enjoy a whole host of events and activities like water sports, biking, hiking and walking and more! From traditional neighborhood parks as well as 22 Community Centers, like the McGirts Creek Community Center right in Jacksonville Heights, there is plenty to see and enjoy!

Contractors and other places to help you move in Jacksonville Heights
4-Corner’s Concrete LLC: Concrete install, repair and resurface company
Westside Consol Repair: Electronics repair services
8102 Blanding Blvd Suite 27A
Jacksonville, FL 32244
(904) 573-9825

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