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Getting to know your new home in Urban Core with UNITS

Urban Core, as you may have guessed, is located at the epicenter of Jacksonville’s downtown area.  Home to a wide array of craft breweries, seafood joints, sports bars and restaurants, Urban Core is home to an endless amount of things to do! Check out some of the things to do and see below!

Crispy’s Springfield Gallery

If you’re looking for old school Italian dining room vibes, you are in the right place. What started out as a department store in the early 1900’s, Crispy’s has turned into a sprawling gallery serving up pizza, wings, sprawling meat and cheese boards, sandwiches and classic Italian dishes in a full dining experience.

Northbank Riverwalk

With the entire south end of Jacksonville along the coast, it provides amazing water views to enjoy at any time of day! This is only one of the many riverwalks in Jacksonville, providing views of the St. John’s River. City events often take place along the riverwalk including the Light Boat Parade, New Year’s Eye Fireworks and many races.  For a nice jog along the river, a nice stroll for some fresh air or just a really great photo-op, the Riverwalk is a great view of your new home.


Helpful places near Urban Core, Jacksonville:

K& G Box Co.:

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1365 Haines St

Jacksonville, FL 32206

(386) 284-2155


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