Moving & Portable Storage Services in Oakleaf Plantation, FL

Florida, also known as the sunshine state, is home to many excellent neighborhoods and beautiful spaces. One of these locations is the Oakleaf Plantation. This is a planned settlement between two counties that has a population of about 20,000 people. Here, you find green and serene communities and houses alongside tree-covered streets.

This neighborhood is a perfect living experience for someone who loves being immersed in nature. If you dream of living close to green spaces, we, at UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage of Jacksonville, will help make your dream come true.  We are a moving and storage company whose services include storing, packing, and cross-state delivery.

With us by your side, you can have access to our incredible UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage of Jacksonville containers. In addition, we also provide you with storage facilities that are climate controlled so that your belongings stay safely away from danger. Since we are a local company, our values and business processes align with the local community’s values.

For this reason, our services provide high levels of convenience and efficiency regarding moving, at a lower cost. Choosing our services means you will no longer encounter the burden and stress of moving to any new destination, including Oakleaf Plantation.

If you’re interested in using our services and UNITS storage containers, then make sure to call us now at (904) 298-6939 and get your free quote.

Oakleaf Plantation Attractions

As the name suggests, Oakleaf plantation is no stranger to Oak trees, which are very common in Florida. The neighborhood is fuming with the sweet smell of greenery, and amidst the scenic pleasures, you can find beautiful facilities for recreation and activities. Furthermore, it is also a neighborhood with a fantastic healthcare facility, school, and restaurants.

Packing and Supplies

As much as new settlers will love the surrounding areas of this neighborhood, they may have difficulty setting their furniture. Nevertheless, with the right equipment and tool, you can easily counter this problem.  Below is a list of stores where you can get all this equipment, such as foam wraps and boxes.

The Home Depot

1919 Wells Rd

Orange Park, FL 32073, United States

(904) 269-3117

Lowe’s Home Improvement

2285 Kingsley Ave,

Orange Park, FL 32073, United States

(904) 682-7667


9625 Crosshill Blvd,

Jacksonville, FL 32222, United States

(904) 779-9648



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