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UNITS is the top choice for all of your moving and portable storage needs. For over 20 years, we have been catering to our customer's needs to help their move go as smoothly as possible. When it comes to moving your home, you want someone who will take just as much care of your things as you would. Safety and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our portable storage in Pittsburg can save you time and stress when it comes to your move.

Everyone knows that moving is one of the most stressful things you will do in your life. It’s our goal to make your move as stress-free as possible. One way we reduce stress is by having a UNIT delivered to your location. Load at your own pace, then it’ll be waiting for you at your new location when you move. We handle all the transportation of your items, giving you some stress relief.

In addition, to the transport of your items, we can provide all the moving and packing supplies and accessories needed for easy packing and unpacking. Safe and stress-free transport of your belongings goes a long way toward taking the work out of your move.

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The Best And Most Versatile Containers In The Industry

Since safety is one of our highest priorities for portable storage in Pittsburg, we only use the best when it comes to our portable storage containers. We offer a variety of sizes to match your needs. From small studio apartments to large family homes, we are able to accommodate all of your portable storage size requirements. When you get portable storage in Pittsburg with UNITS, we work within your schedule to drop off a storage container to your home or office. Once we do that, you have the ability to pack your things on your own time. There is no need to rush or stress about getting everything loaded in one go.

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Since you get to take your time loading your container, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the most secure storage container in the industry. In fact, you provide the lock so that only you have access to your container while you take your time loading it up. Additionally, all of our containers will protect the contents from inclement weather and keep out any uninvited pests. For long term storage, many people immediately assume that they need to lug all of their things to a self-storage lot and stack everything inside a small garage. With UNITS, we bring the container to you.

You can load it up exactly as you want it, lock it with your personal lock, then we can store the container in our safe and secure long term storage facilities. Should you need to access your container, simply give us a call and we can bring the container to you.

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