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To help ensure a tranquil experience, we made our services convenient and affordable. Our amazing technology we use is called ROBO-UNIT®. This state of the art technology can deliver your portable container regardless of how small or narrow your street is.


Do you have an enormous amount of items and worry about being rushed? UNITS® is here to ease that tension. We give you the peace of mind to pack at your own pace and keep your UNITS® portable storage container for as long as you need. When you’re done loading, simply give us a call and we’ll pick up your container for transport and bring it to your new location or our secure and climate-controlled storage facility in Richmond.


UNITS® is a locally owned and operated business ready to help you make a peaceful move to Richmond. Give UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of East Bay CA a call today at (925) 378-2679 to get your free estimate.

Check out these attractions around Richmond

With a population of just over 100,000 residents, Richmond still has a more laid back feel to it than some of the other cities in the Bay Area, and as such this can be a great place to explore if you are looking for a more intimate and relaxed trip to this part of the world. Richmond was famous in the United States during the Second World War as a result of its nautical history, with many war ships being built in the shipyards here. Nowadays you will see relics of this proud past, as well as a continued revival, deep commitment and love of the sea along the legendary shoreline of this area.


SS Red Oak Victory


The SS Red Oak Victory is known in the Richmond area as a ship museum. The ship in question is actually an antique Second World War cargo ship which is now permanently stationed in Richmond and has been turned into an on-bard museum. The ship was made in the Richmond Kaiser Shipyards and you can watch the ongoing restoration project here as well as hop aboard to tour the museum. There are guides to explain the historical background to you and there is even a passport stamp station on the ship that will provide you with a memento of the trip.


Wildcat Canyon Regional Park 


Wildcat Canyon Park is one of the best places to come if you are interested in catching a glimpse of some local Southern California flora and fauna. The park is a favorite among bird watchers and wildlife spotters and hikers also rave about the beautiful scenery here. Cycling is also common in the park or you can just bring a picnic and relax here in the sunshine.


Packing and storage supplies around Richmond

If you’re moving, you’ll need a few supplies to get started. Here are a few stores where you can find everything you need.



1400 Hilltop Mall Rd

Richmond, CA 94806

(510) 669-1342


The Home Depot

11939 San Pablo Ave

El Cerrito, CA 945301

(510) 235-0800


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