Looking to move into or out of Alameda? UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of East Bay (Livermore) is here to help! For any of your moving or storage needs, UNITS can make your experience easy and affordable.

With just a call at (925) 322-6696, you can get a free quote and get easy access to a UNITS container. Once the UNIT container is dropped to your most convenient location of your choosing, you can take all the time you need to pack. UNITS is dedicated to making this process as easy as possible. And once you are done packing, with just a call you can get it picked up. Whether you are moving and want it taken to a different residence, or just storing and want it taken to our storage facility, UNITS is here to listen to you and your needs.

Locally owned and operated, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of East Bay (Livermore) is dedicated to helping residents of East bay and those trying to move into the area. Call (925) 322-6696 to get your free quote today.

Read Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Christina Georgatos writes, “We hired UNITS to help us with our storage needs during our months-long move out of the Bay Area, and Rick, Donna, and their team were absolutely wonderful every step of the way! They answered every question without any pressure, stayed in clear communication with us throughout the entire process, and offered a competitive rate that was worth every penny. They helped us coordinate the best timing for having the storage pod delivered to our new home in the way that would save us the most money, provided an excellent recommendation for a moving company that could best meet our needs for loading and unloading the unit, and delivered truly outstanding customer service at every level, from the office staff to the drivers. I would highly recommend UNITS of Livermore. Thank you, Rick and Donna!”

Another happy customer, Tony Schwarz, writes “Fantastic service! Donna and the gang were more than hospitable. Timely, good communicators, and kept my goods in great condition for 15 months. When I ultimately did have to get into my things, it was painless. My unit was brought into an open space and I was given bottled water while worked. The staff even stayed open an hour past closing to allow me to finish. They are a very welcoming and professional staff. Great people, great company. I HIGHLY recommend them!”

Moving Supplies and Boxes in Alameda, CA

Although moving to a new home can sometimes be a daunting task, the right supplies can make all the difference. Foam wraps, boxes, and other essentials can help you remain organized and keep your belongings secure. Find these supplies and whatever else you may need at the following local home improvement stores:

Pagano's Hardware Mart

640 Central Ave

Alameda, CA 94501

(510) 522-1345

Bed Bath and Beyond

2246 S Shore Center

Alameda, CA 94501

(510) 522-0577

Ready for your big move to Alameda? We’re here to help. To get a free quote on your UNIT container, call UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of East Bay (Livermore) at (925) 322-6696 today!

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