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If you’re getting ready to make your move to Henderson, NC, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is here to help you! We know that moving can be stressful, that’s why we designed our simple and flexible process to make moving easier for you!

Starting with a quick phone call for a free quote, a UNITS team member will get to know you and your move, so we can help determine the right container size for your move.  We’ll also schedule your container’s drop off information right there over the phone, so you’ll already be on your way to getting your move started!

When your container arrives, you can take your time to pack up your things. When it’s ready to go, give UNITS a call and we’ll come to transport your container to wherever you need it next.  Whether that’s right to your new home, or a storage facility to keep your things safe until you’re ready to officially make your move.

When your things are unpacked, again on your timeline, let UNITS know again and we’ll be back to haul away your empty container.  No planning and no hassle, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is there to make moving simpler!

So give us a call for your free quote and get moving with UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Service today!


Get to know Henderson, NC

Henderson is a small, tight knit community in northern North Carolina.  Located 40 minutes from the state’s capital of Raleigh, Henderson is close to major attractions in the state as well as its neighboring state of Virginia. Henderson is also a historical town, home to historical landmarks, and marked by a 1780’s settlers who built a stage coach store in town. With the success and attrition of the store by other settlers, the town of Henderson stuck around to develop into the town we know today.

Visit Henderson Parks & Recreation

Establishing a Recreation Commission in 1970, the town of Henderson and Vance County aim “to provide safe facilities, quality services, programs that are affordable, open and friendly, to enrich the overall quality of life for all residents”. Through the various public and independent programs as well as a multitude of facilities, there is something for everyone to be able to enjoy in the town of Henderson.


Helpful links near Henderson

Lowe’s Home Improvement:

166 Dabney Rd

Henderson, NC 27537

(252) 436-0050

Sherwin-William Paint Store:

887 S Beckford Dr

Henderson, NC 27536

(252) 438-4595

Walmart Super Center:

200 N Cooper Dr

Henderson, NC 27536

(252) 438-9004

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