So, you have to move to Semora? Well, we UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Durham can help you get there without the hassles of the conventional moving procedure. We are a packing and moving service that equips our clients with an incredible moving strategy, along with equipment so that they can enjoy hassle-free move to wherever they please. 

An example of our product is our UNITS container. We can deliver these portable, durable containers right at your doorstep without any problem. Not to mention, we also allow our clients to pack their belongings without worrying about the time. 

To maximize the safety of your items, we integrate the ROBO-Lift® technology into our business. This keeps our container safe from narrow streets, bumpy roads, and traffic accidents during container delivery and pickup.  Ultimately, our aim is to not only offer a convenient and efficient moving procedure, but also one that promises the safety of your values. 

To fulfill this promise, we also offer a climate controlled storage facility that is accessible to all of our clients. As a service that shares deep connections with the local community, we try to make our services customizable so that each individual experiences assistance of their choice. Call us now at (984) 202-8072 and get a free quote on one of our UNITS containers. 

Visit the Delightful Attractions of Semora 

Semora is a location that inherits a friendly community, along great open spaces and wonderful local attractions.  Here, the Roxboro road runs that connects you to other locations in the Castwell County. 

Off The Bone Grill

Among other great eateries, this one offers one of the tastiest fast food meals. It is also the restaurant where the local community eats, thus, making it a great spot to interact with old time residents. 

Person Caswell Recreation Park

If you thought Semora isn’t one for adventure lovers, then you are wrong. This park is the best access point for the Hyco Lake, with an astounding and serene view. 

Packing Supplies and Tools in Semora 

When you settle into a new location, it is impossible to sort your belongings without unpacking and packing tools. These include foam wraps, boxes, bags, tapes and others. For potential settlers of Semora, it is essential that you are aware of all the nearby home improvement stores in the area.  

Lowe’s Home Improvement

2044 Durham Rd, Roxboro, NC 27573, United States


Tractor Supply Co.

754 N Madison Blvd, Roxboro, NC 27573, United States


Lowe’s Home Improvement

280 Lowe’s Drive, Danville, VA 24540, United States


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