So, are you longing to move to Broadway? Well, then we at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Durham can help you get there without any problem.  As a moving and storage company, our aim has always been to elevate the local community to make their long desired move to a new location. Moreover, we also help alleviate all the stresses and tensions that come with the moving process 

How do we do that? Well, most of the stress that encompasses the moving process has to do with the exhausting and burdening move. With our services, we can rid you from all physical stress, along with the mental stress of losing and damaging your items during the move. 

How do we do that? Well, for starters, we are quick to deliver our UNITS containers straight to your doorstep without any problem. Following that, we can make sure to let you pack your belongings without any hassle or urgency regarding time.  

Moreover, we prioritize the safety of your belongings throughout the move. An example of that is our ROBO-lift technology that integrates into delivery of your belongings. Another example would be our climate controlled storage facility, in which our clients can store their valuables.  

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Visit Local Attractions of Broadway 

Broadway North Carolina is a place that embodies a quiet and safe neighborhood, ideal for raising a family and attaining a high quality of life. It is not short of any essential facilities that you need to sustain life, and also offers plenty of recreational spots.  

Lee County Parks & Recreation

The Lee County Parks and Recreation is an incredible park in the Broadway NC area. This is often where the community will gather, interact, and have fun.  

Watson Lake Playground

Watson Lake in Broadway is where you can cool off on a hot summer’s day. The Watson Lake Playground is the best entry point for this playground. 

Packing and Storing Supplies 

As a new settler at Broadway, NC, you will come across issues when settling down. These issues will be regarding sorting and organizing. To counter this issue, you will have to make sure you are in possession of equipment such as foam wraps and boxes. Below, you find places where you can find them. 

Lowe’s Home Improvement

3015 S Horner Blvd, Sanford, NC 27332, United States


Broadway Hardware & Supply Co

305 N Main St, Broadway, NC 27505, United States


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