What Solutions Does Portable Storage Offer Contractors?

Elevate your contracting business to new efficiency, affordability, and scalability heights with our cutting-edge portable storage solutions. In the fast-paced contracting world, every second and penny counts, making the traditional storage methods cumbersome and costly. Our portable storage containers are designed to streamline your operations, allowing you to keep essential tools and materials securely on-site.

UNITS® works hard to help contractors reduce downtime due to transporting materials and eliminate expensive trips to off-site storage facilities. This innovative approach slashes expenses and paves the way for seamless expansion, enabling you to take on more projects and confidently grow your business. Embrace the future of contracting with our portable storage solutions—where productivity meets cost-effectiveness and expansion is within easy reach.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage offers convenience that traditional storage options can’t match. Imagine having a 16-foot storage container delivered to your customer’s driveway or job site. Contractors no longer need to waste valuable time and energy driving back and forth between the job site and a distant storage facility or office. This convenience translates to increased productivity and faster project completion.

Secure and Reliable Storage

Contractors can utilize on-site storage to protect valuable tools, equipment, and materials when working on a home remodel. UNITS® has portable storage containers that are designed with security in mind. They offer robust locks and durable construction to keep your items safe from theft and weather elements. With UNITS®, you can have peace of mind knowing that your tools and materials are securely stored on-site. So whether you are looking for storage for construction, materials storage, worksite storage, storage containers, or portable storage, you know you are in the right hands with UNITS®. 

Customizable Container Sizes

Contractors often deal with various project sizes and storage needs. UNITS® understands this, offering both 16-foot and 12-foot container options. This flexibility allows contractors to choose the storage container size that best suits their specific requirements, ensuring they have a suitable storage space without wasting resources on excessive capacity.

Weather-Resistant Design

Weather can be unpredictable, and construction projects often continue through various seasons. UNITS® storage containers are built to withstand the elements. They are weather-resistant, protecting valuable materials from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. This added durability ensures that your tools and materials remain in top condition throughout the project.

Versatile Usage

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage is not limited to construction materials and equipment. Contractors can use these containers for a wide range of purposes. Whether renovating a kitchen, installing new floors, working on an addition, or handling any home improvement project, UNITS® containers are versatile enough to accommodate your needs. They can even be used for temporary storage of homeowners’ furnishings and appliances during a renovation.


Why a UNITS® is Right for Contractors

Increased Project Efficiency

Efficiency is the name of the game in the contracting business. UNITS® containers provide contractors with a centralized, on-site storage solution, reducing the time wasted searching for tools or materials at different locations. This streamlined approach translates to faster project completion, happier clients, and potentially more contracts in the future.

Cost Savings

Using UNITS® for on-site storage can also result in significant contractor cost savings. Eliminating the need for a separate storage facility or the constant back-and-forth trips to retrieve materials can reduce overhead costs. Contractors can allocate their resources more efficiently, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Delivering a UNITS® storage container to your customer’s driveway benefits you and enhances the overall customer experience. Clients appreciate the convenience and professionalism of having a dedicated storage solution on-site. It showcases your commitment to providing a seamless and efficient construction process.


In an era where sustainability is a growing concern, UNITS® offers an eco-friendly option. By reducing the need for multiple trips to storage facilities and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with transportation, contractors can contribute to a more sustainable construction industry.

Exclusive Discounts for our National Accounts Partners

At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage, we’re proud to offer special discounts and services to those who choose to join our National Accounts Program. By joining, you can enjoy cost savings, tailored moving and storage solutions, and dedicated support from our expert team. Join our National Accounts Programs today and let us help you scale your business!

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage containers are a valuable asset for construction companies looking to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and provide top-notch renovation services to their clients. With customizable container sizes, weather-resistant design, security features, and unmatched convenience, UNITS® containers offer a compelling solution for custom home builders’ on-site storage needs.

By incorporating UNITS® into their workflow, contractors can save time and money and elevate their reputation as reliable and efficient professionals in the construction industry. When it comes to on-site storage, UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage is a contractor’s trusted partner.

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