Your kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms of your home, it’s where meals are prepped and memories are shared. However, your kitchen is also home to fragile glassware and expensive appliances that require care during the packing and moving processes. Packing your kitchen in an effective manner ensures that your belongings remain safe during the moving process, here’s how:

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What You Will Need

Quality packing materials are crucial component of every move. Stock up on the following when packing you kitchen:

  • Heavy-duty packing boxes

  • Packing paper (newsprint or other)

  • Bubble wrap

  • Moving Blankets

  • Strong packing tape

  • Permanent markers

Organize Your Kitchen Items

Because there kitchen is home to such a large variety of items, (cans, spices, furniture, dinnerware, etc) sorting your kitchen items will make packing your kitchen significantly more efficient. There are several ways of grouping your kitchen items, but the best way to keep organized is by sorting items by purpose and frequency of use. For example, items like spices, jars, cans, and other items from your pantry can be packed together. Whereas items like dinner plates and small appliances should never belong in the same box.

Packing Kitchen Items

Now that you’ve organized your kitchen items, it’s time to get started packing your items. Certain items require special care to avoid damage. Here are some simple yet fundamental rules to keep in mind when packing your kitchen: 

  • Reinforce your boxes with strong packing tape to prevent your boxes from breaking open.

  • Make sure items are clean and dry before packing.

  • Pack the heaviest items on the bottom

  • Wrap breakables like stemware and plates individually

  • Use plenty of packing in between items

  • Don’t overpack/over-buden your boxes

  • Label boxes properly, make sure to label FRAGILE items especially

We hope these tips help make your transition to Charleston easier! If our tips helped you in any way, please feel free to comment below. Then, don’t forget to call UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Charleston at (855) 981-8648 to get a free quote today!

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