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Let UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Charleston help you move to the South of Broad area! Our process is simple and flexible, so we can help you get to where you’re going on your timeline and without the typical stresses of moving! Here’s how it works:

Simply give us a call and we’ll get to you know you and your moving needs and quote you for the right container size for your move. We’ll also schedule your container’s drop off information right then and there.  Once your container arrives, you can take all the time you need to pack and load it with your belongings.  When you’re ready, give us a call and UNITS will be there to haul it to where you need it next! Whether that’s right to your new home or to a storage facility to keep it safe until you’re ready to unload it.

The process is the same for unpacking; take all the time you need and give us a call back for us to haul away your empty container.  It’s that simple!

So give us a call to get your free quote and get stated moving with UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Service of Charleston today!


Get to know more about South of Broad

South of Broad is rich with history. From architectural history to American history, this Charleston neighborhood is located at the tip of the peninsula and is home to some incredible mansions, classic “Charleston” single houses, piazzas with stunning views, restaurants, shops and more!

Explore Rainbow Row

A 19th-century strip of restored, pastel townhouses, Rainbow Row is postcard worthy.  Located just along the Battery on East Bay Street, Rainbow Row didn’t always have is famed color.  Constructed in 1740, these historic and iconic homes were merchant homes used as businesses on the ground floor and lived in by its owners above.  But as the Civil War brought a downward turn in the area, South of Broad looked rundown and beat up, until a resident by the name of Dorothy Porcher Legge and her husband purchased a section of the houses and decided to paint one of them pastel pink.

There are multiple theories about the houses and their fancy hues.  Some say it was to help distinguish what items were sold by each of the merchants.  Others say it was to help the drunken sailors find their way home.  And while some say it was keep the homes cooler during the hot Charleston summers, others say it was simply to make the area look more attractive, which it has proved to do from then to now.  Speculate for yourself and head down to East Bay Street to explore Rainbow Row for yourself!


Helpful links in the South of Broad area

Circa Lighting:

426 King St

Charleston, SC 29403

(843) 937-5990

MUSC Health University Medical Center:

171 Ashley Ave

Charleston, SC 29425

(843) 792-1414

Sherwin-Williams Paint Store:

472 Meeting St Ste F

Charleston, SC 29403

(843) 853-6725

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