So, you are itching for a move to North Carolina, and want to change your surroundings to the friendly neighborhood of Ashley Hall Manor. Well, we here at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage can make that happen. With our services, you can ultimately move quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

We are a locally owned business, and so, all of our operations aim to solve the hardships and problems of the local community in their moving processes. Moving from inland and busy metropolis cities to beautiful port city locations such as Ashley Hall Manor in Charleston is a great step towards improving your quality of life. 

How do you make this shift? Call us just once, and we’ll make sure to bring over one of the best-quality storage containers on the market – UNITS containers. With them comes our high-tech ROBO-Lift integration. This helps us transfer your goods safely through any space restrictions.

How does it do that? ROBO-Lift keeps your belongings elevated and away from any sharp turns, edges and dodgy traffic situations. Moreover, we provide our clients with safe and reliable storage facilities. These facilities are climate controlled, making them perfect spots to store your valuables while we take care of the delivery. 

If you want to obtain the services of UNITS Moving and Portable Storage, then make sure to call us at (843) 203-0700 and get your free quote on our products and services. 

Check out the local attractions of Ashley Hall Manor

Ashley Hall Manor is a nice square of neighborhood that links to one the most beautiful natural pleasures of the world. In its most nearest corners, you will find wonderful restaurants and breweries for a leisurely outing.

Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site

This place is booming with history and exhibits the birthplace of Carolinian Colony. It is also an amazing place for wildlife lovers. Since it is home to a variety of shore birds, this makes for an amazing place for the avid bird watcher. 

Home Improvement Supplies in Ashley Hall Manor 

Below are lists of places where you can get boxes, foam wraps and other packing supplies near this neighborhood. 

Lowe’s Home Improvement

3125 Glenn McConnell Pkwy, Charleston, SC 29414, United States


The Home Depot

2008 Magwood Dr, Charleston, SC 29414, United States


So, if you want to settle for this location, do not forget to call us at (843) 203-0700 and get your free quote on our products and services. 

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