It’s difficult to move everything you own from one home to the next, especially if you have a lot of things. Something essential always goes missing on the actual day of the transfer, even after doing everything possible.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Central NJ has some helpful moving tips to help you avoid making errors while packing for your big move.

1. You don’t get rid of things

It’s common knowledge that decluttering is beneficial. It’s especially essential when you’re moving since the less stuff you have to carry, the better. Packing everything up without thinking about what you need and don’t may be simple, but getting rid of needless things may be difficult.

2. Moving all of your furniture without wrapping it first

Transporting big items, such as sofas and bookshelves, is more complicated than smaller objects. Not only do you need to wrap your important belongings in moving plastic, but you should also use blankets specifically designed for moves to keep them safe from damage during transport.

3. Forcing large items through small doorways 

Be sure to take accurate measurements of both your furniture and doorways before attempting to move any large items, such as a couch. This will help avoid costly repairs if you accidentally damage your walls or doors while moving something too large through a smaller opening.

4. Not giving yourself enough time to pack

Moving is a cumbersome process that many people don’t fully anticipate. To minimize stress during this hectic time, start packing as early as possible and be mindful of potential obstacles along the way.

5. Not asking for help when you need it

The bottom line is that not everyone has the physical strength to handle big things, which is why enlisting the help of friends and family isn’t always a good idea. It’s also important to ask for assistance with the bigger, heavier items and be ready to pay for a moving service if required.

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