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Let UNITS take the headache out of moving. We provide affordable and efficient moving services in your area.


Belmar Storage

our storage is indoors, but our empty containers are stacked in the yard at the ready

UNITS offers residential and commercial storage options to suit your needs. We’ll work with you to determine which storage solution is right for you.


Containers Delivered in Belmar

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UNITS loading and unloading technology keeps the container level throughout the transportation process. Your items are safe from harm the whole time.


Moving in Belmar, New Jersey

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For the most convenient and simple way to move to and around Belmar, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Central New Jersey is a name you can trust. We’ll deliver a portable storage container right to your front door or wherever you need it. It’s all possible with our unique ROBO-UNIT technology, which keeps the container level and delivered anywhere on your property. Once you receive your container, you can load it as you wish. Keep the container on site for as long as you need, with your items accessible 24/7. Our containers can handle everything, whether you’re moving, staging your home, or working on a home improvement project. Once you’ve finished loading the container, call us, and we’ll take it to your new home in Belmar. Have mismatched closing dates? Don’t worry. We’ll take it to our climate-controlled storage facility until you’re ready to get settled. We’re dedicated to providing the community of Belmar with the moving solutions they need at unbeatable prices. Call us today to reserve your container at (732) 800-5569.

Moving Services in Belmar

Why try to cram several weeks’ worth of work into a single day? The old ways of moving are quickly becoming obsolete. UNITS provides a superior option. UNITS of Central New Jersey provides both residential and commercial moving options. Our containers are conveniently sized to fit in any normal-sized parking space, where you can pack and can be loaded at your convenience. Join the thousands of satisfied customers by getting started today! Call UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Central New Jersey at (732) 800-5569.

Movers in Belmar

Whether you’re looking for a full-service move or more of a DIY relocation, UNITS can do it all. You’ll get a guaranteed price from us no matter how you’re trying to move. Our pricing is based on the size of the container and the distance driven between destinations. And don’t worry. We won’t hit you with unexpected fees or surprise charges. Our objective is to make your move as easy as possible.
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Storage In Belmar, New Jersey

Choose UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Central New Jersey as your partner for all things storage in Belmar. What we do is simple. We rent out our containers for one month at a time. Once we deliver it, you’re welcome to load it on your own time. Feel free to keep it onsite, or we can take it back to our warehouse when you’re ready for transport. UNITS takes great pride in providing excellent customer service and the most reliable and affordable way to store in Belmar. No matter what or how much you’re looking to store, we’ll give you a guaranteed price with no hidden or surprise fees. If you’re looking for a versatile storage option in Belmar, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Central New Jersey has you covered.

Portable Storage

Choosing our competitors will have you rent a truck, drive back and forth between destinations, and unload and reload your belongings until your self-storage unit is full. That’s just not the case with UNITS of Central New Jersey. We take care of the driving so that you can focus on the packing process. We know it’s tedious work, so we encourage you to take your time. Loading and unloading once will save you time, energy, and money.

Business Storage

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Central New Jersey works with commercial entities day in and day out. We provide the best storage options in the Belmar area at an unbeatable price. Whether you’re a local business, a charity organization, or a corporation, we can accommodate any of your storage needs. We are a locally owned and managed business, so we understand the need for prompt, reliable service. That’s why we go the extra mile. Choose UNITS of Central New Jersey as your go-to for commercial storage in Belmar.

UNITS Moving & Storage Containers 

UNITS’ containers in Belmar are weather resistant and robust. They feature an all-steel form factor, tough steel frames, and lockable, barn-style doors for your safety and convenience. They’re built to keep your items safe from the elements and critters.

UNITS of Central New Jersey is Belmar's most reputable name in the business for portable storage containers. See the difference for yourself by renting a container from us today!

Storage Sizes

Our portable storage containers come in two sizes for your convenience. We offer a 12’ and a 16’ variant to suit your needs.

Our 12’ is our most popular. It’s ideal for smaller to medium family moves, as it can contain the contents of 3-4 rooms, a basement, or large objects like patio furniture and dining room tables.

Our 16’ is popular among remodeling and repair companies to keep their building materials onsite while on the job. It’s also ideal for larger family relocations, first responders, and restoration companies.

Moving and Storage Units

Since 2004, UNITS has proudly made our own portable storage containers. Through the years, we’ve refined and perfected the formula that best keeps your belongings safe, both onsite and in our warehouse. We only use the highest-quality materials throughout the production process to ensure safety and reliability. We’ve tested them coast to coast in the United States and Canada, and they’re resistant to sunlight fade, heat radiance, and snow and ice damage. For the most trusted name for portable storage containers in the industry, look to UNITS.

Self-Storage in Belmar Without Leaving Your Home

  • Secure – Your belongings will remain safe and secure during storing and moving processes!
  • Timeliness – All pick-up and drop-off times are accurate and speedy 
  • Optimal – You only have to load and unload your belongings once
  • Resourceful – Each storage container is manufactured with durable steel
  • Accessible – You can leave your containers on-site for 24/7 access
  • Guaranteed pricing – No fuel charges or rental fees, unlike local competitors
  • Environmentally flexible – Our steel containers are weather resistant and can be transported from any ground
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No Call Centers - Talk to a Local Expert

Each and every UNITS Moving and Portable Storage location is locally run. UNITS of Central New Jersey is no different. Our team is made up of hardworking people from your very own neighborhood, ready to assist you no matter what your questions are. We don’t use call centers, unlike our competitors. When you call us, you talk to a real, local moving and storage expert. Our ability to provide personable, helpful customer service and the most efficient way to move and store put us above the rest.

Storage that is Safe and Secure

UNITS has produced our own containers in-house for decades. They’re tough and weather-resistant, designed to keep your valuables safe no matter where your container is placed. Tested across long distances and in harsh weather, our containers are the sturdiest on the market. Choose UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Central New Jersey for excellence in portable storage containers.

Protect your Belongings from Damage

UNITS of Central New Jersey utilizes our very own innovative pickup and dropoff technology, the ROBO-UNIT. It places each container with ease and keeps the container level, so your contents aren’t getting shifted around during transport. You can rest assured your items are exactly where you packed them. Paired with our durable portable storage containers, you’re choosing the combination that best protects your valuables.

Get the Service you Deserve

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Central New Jersey is managed by dedicated individuals from your area. Our containers are weather resistant and resilient and are delivered handily to your front door or wherever you need it with our revolutionary ROBO-UNIT Delivery System. When you choose UNITS, you’re choosing the best name in the business to keep your things safe at all times.

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Store On-Site at Your Location

  • Storage containers delivered right to your door
  • Weather-resistant portable storage containers
  • Convenient mobile storage access 24/7
  • Secure storage - lockable, all-steel doors
  • Perfect for remodeling projects, garages organization, and seasonal items
  • Temporary storage for your business
  • Staging your home for sale
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UNITS® ROBO-UNIT Delivery System

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UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Central New Jersey uses the ROBO-UNIT Delivery System to deliver containers anywhere on your property. It keeps the container level throughout the transportation process, so your items will not sustain damage by getting shifted around during pickup or delivery.

Our ROBO-UNIT Delivery System can navigate the obstacles that prevent our competitors from delivering containers. With it, we can handle the sloping ground, uneven surfaces, and unpaved roads, all while keeping the container level. It places each container easily and removes it without a trace. Plus, it’s unaffected by rain or snow, so you’ll get your container no matter the weather.

The ROBO-UNIT is meant to be secure and efficient, delivering your container where you need it, not the other way around. It’s designed to keep your things safe from harm during transport. It’s also the fastest and most efficient way to receive your container, as pickup and dropoff take about 5 minutes each.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is the only name in the business that uses the ROBO-UNIT Delivery System. You just won’t find this kind of efficiency anywhere else!

UNITS Moving Guide to Belmar, New Jersey

UNITS is so much more than a moving company. We can handle all your moving and storage needs, whether you need long-term, short-term, onsite, in our warehouse, personal, or professional. We can do it all.

Our containers are meant to be versatile. Let’s say you’re staging your home and need a place to put personal belongings. Or maybe you’re a small business owner ready to relocate to a larger storefront. That’s where UNITS comes in. For the best possible moving and storage experience, look to UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Central New Jersey.

Disaster Restoration

Disaster can strike when we least expect it. When it does, turn to UNITS of Central New Jersey. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a fire, or excessive water damage, we’ll deliver a portable storage container to store your items until your home is restored. Keep it onsite or at our climate-controlled warehouse. The choice is yours.

Garage Makeovers

Let us deliver a secure, weather-resistant 12' or 16' mobile storage container right to your home. You can use it to store your belongings while you're working on your home improvement project. Your tools, bicycles, and lawn equipment won't hinder you throughout the project and will remain nearby, safe, and easily accessible.

Let UNITS deliver a portable storage container right to your driveway if you’re working on transforming your garage into your new workspace. With it, you can store your tools, lawn equipment, and bicycles to keep them out of the way while you work. Keep the container on site for as long as you need, with your items at arm’s reach.