The Best Local Customer Service

The most unique aspect of UNITS® is its locally owned and operated facilities. When you call us, you aren’t connected to a call center in another state – you’re calling a local facility with owners and employees who are familiar with your area, can answer all of your questions, and care more about your moving and storage requirements than anyone else (except perhaps yourself).

Our locally owned and managed businesses are run by people who care about their customers and are dedicated to making their lives easier. Every time you call one of our locations, we can assist you in getting exactly what you want – when you need it. You won’t get that with a self storage call center.


The pricing of UNITS® varies by location, but our owners try to provide the most competitive prices in their regions. As a result, moving and storage with UNITS® is frequently considerably less expensive than Self Storage. But you choose – get a quotation from us now – and then compare our quotes side by side with the Self Storage quote; you won’t be disappointed! There are no unspecified costs involved with PERIOD.

Long Term Contracts? No Thanks!

UNITS® offers month-to-month contracts rather than year-long contracts that storage and other self-storage facilities try to sell you on! We like keeping things succinct and sweet with our agreements, so there are no gimmicks required.

One Move. One Time.

With UNITS® you don’t have to worry about double or triple packing, truck rentals, or loading and unloading! One pack does it all and no extra rentals are needed for trucks that you would have to drive! UNITS® containers are delivered to you and picked up again at your location. No driving necessary.

Built Tough

UNITS® containers are built tough. Our containers feature steel construction (with Morgans and Supremes as FRP sides), tough steel frames, and steel doors that make our containers the most weatherproof containers on the market. Storage® storage units lack some of this construction.

More Interior Space & Capacity

UNITS® containers are large and spacious – in fact because of our unique door design we can actually fit more cubic feet of space than some Storage storage units can.