How UNITS® of Central NJ Compares to Loaded Storage®

Locally Owned & Operated
Best-In-Class Customer Service
Competitive Pricing
Local, Convenient Deliveries
Container Availability
Safe & Secure Location
Cost-Effective Insurance Options

UNITS® vs. Loaded Storage®

Embarking on a new chapter of your life, whether moving to a new home or renovating your current space, often comes with storing your belongings safely and efficiently. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Central NJ stands out in this journey, offering an unparalleled solution that far surpasses the offerings of Loaded Storage®. Our state-of-the-art portable storage units are designed with your convenience and peace of mind at the forefront. Engineered for durability, security, and ease of access, our units ensure that your items are protected against the elements and ready when you are, without the hassle and limitations often encountered with Loaded Storage®.

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage emerges as a harbinger of simplicity and dependability amidst the chaos of storage needs. Our secret weapon? The revolutionary ROBO-UNIT Delivery System is a pioneering technology that distinctly positions us ahead of competitors like Loaded Storage®. Imagine the convenience of a storage unit delivered with unmatched precision and gentleness to any spot, regardless of the terrain’s challenges. The ROBO-UNIT ensures your belongings remain stable during transport, reducing risks and elevating confidence.

In contrast to the conventional approaches used by Loaded Storage®, our method adjusts to meet your demands, providing unmatched flexibility and effectiveness. Whether navigating a narrow lane in an old town or maneuvering into a compact driveway in a residential area, UNITS® promises a smooth experience without complications. In the competitive field of portable storage, UNITS® of Central NJ doesn’t just offer a place; we present a solution—robust, adaptable, and customized to fit the unique tempo of your life.

What truly makes UNITS® of Central NJ stand out from the rest, including Loaded Storage®, is our locally-owned and operated facility. When you contact us, you’ll speak directly with a local facility rather than being transferred to a call center elsewhere. This means that the owners and employees you’ll be communicating with are familiar with the central New Jersey area and can answer any questions you may have. Additionally, they are dedicated to ensuring that your moving and storage needs are met to the best of their abilities. Whether you’re relocating within Asbury Park, Lakewood, or the surrounding area, you can trust UNITS® of Central NJ to handle your move with efficiency and care.

UNITS portable storage container vs Loaded Storage

Best Local Customer Service

At UNITS® of Central NJ, we take pride in being locally owned and operated, which means that the owners genuinely care about making their customers’ lives more accessible in the central New Jersey area. Every time you call, you’ll speak with friendly and knowledgeable staff who are familiar with the area and will help you get precisely what you need when you need it. We make it a point to get to know each customer’s unique needs to provide the best customer service possible. Check out our Google Reviews to learn more!


When it comes to pricing, our owners are committed to offering the most competitive prices in the central New Jersey area. As a result, our average cost of moving and storage is often less than that of our competitors like Loaded Storage®. To see for yourself, we invite you to request a quote from us and compare it to a quote from Loaded Storage®. Unlike some of our competitors, you’ll find that we have no hidden fees.

ETRACK™ Securing System

Our containers are also equipped with the ETRACK™ securing system, designed to keep your items securely in place during a move. Unlike Loaded Storage®, we understand that items can sometimes shift during a move due to differences in terrain. By using our ETRACK™ strap and restraint system, your items will stay securely in place, ensuring that your move goes smoothly.

More Interior Space and Capacity 

UNITS® containers are large and spacious—, because of our unique door design, our smallest container (12′) can fit 3-4 rooms, an entire basement, and large furniture like sofas and dining room tables. Our 16′ UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage containers are perfect for on-site, large-scale projects like remodeling, repairs, and restoration!


Container Delivery Re-Invented – UNITS® of Central NJ ROBO-UNIT® 

Introducing the ROBO-UNIT, our state-of-the-art delivery system that allows us to transport containers to even the most confined spaces in central New Jersey. This system ensures level loading and unloading of your container, which minimizes any shifting of the contents during delivery. Additionally, it offers more flexibility in container placement when space is a concern. The ROBO-UNIT is designed to handle any terrain, including sloping ground, unpaved roads, or uneven surfaces. It is even equipped to handle inclement weather, such as snow and rain, ensuring you receive your container regardless of the conditions. So, whether you need your container delivered in a tight spot or the middle of a storm, you can count on the ROBO-UNIT to get the job done.

How UNITS® Containers Compare to Loaded Storage®

Weather-Resistant, Steel Containers
2 Sizes of Containers (12' & 16')
Secure, Lockable Containers
Translucent Roofs are Optional
Side-by-Side Doors Allow Maximum Packing Space
Can hold up to 8,000 lbs
Equipped with ETRACK™ Securing System

UNITS® Moves Coast to Coast