What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Senior Living?

We have meticulously developed a range of storage and moving services that cater to the specific demands of senior living communities, rehab facilities, and their valued residents. At UNITS®, we comprehend the significance of providing the utmost care and support for seniors and elderly patients, considering their unique requirements. Our team is steadfast in offering flexible solutions that enhance day-to-day operations and more.

When you collaborate with UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Southeast Massachusetts, you can access top-tier, reliable services at a competitive and budget-friendly price point. We are proud to extend specially discounted rates to those who opt to participate in our National Accounts Program, making our services even more cost-effective and advantageous.

Our moving and storage solutions include:

Portable Storage Delivered Directly to Senior Living Communities and Facilities

  • Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, senior facilities and rehabilitation centers have grappled with substantial storage challenges, as highlighted by the National Library of Medicine. UNITS® presents a remedy, offering unmatched convenience and adaptability to senior living communities and rehab facilities in southeast Massachusetts. Our containers can be effortlessly delivered directly to these facilities, granting easy access and on-site storage options for supplies and equipment, especially crucial during times like flu season.


Transitioning Between Housing and Senior Living Communities or Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Transitioning into an assisted living community or helping a cherished family member through this process can be emotionally taxing yet essential. UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts extends invaluable services to seniors by providing our containers to move belongings to these facilities or store them until suitable arrangements can be made. UNITS® alleviates the strain of orchestrating multiple trips to traditional self-storage facilities or depending on others for transporting personal possessions. Our containers offer versatile, convenient, and cost-effective means of transitioning between living arrangements for individuals temporarily residing in rehabilitation centers.


Secure, Weather-Resistant Containers

  • UNITS® containers are engineered to focus on security and resilience, boasting weather-resistant and critter-resistant features that safeguard personal belongings and valuable items. Available in 12′ and 16′ sizes, these containers can accommodate up to 8,000 lbs of cargo, making them an ideal choice for household packing or on-site storage at these facilities.


Flexible Rental Periods

  • UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts stands out for its flexibility in rental periods, enabling senior living communities and rehab facilities to utilize our containers for as long as required. We can cater to various timelines involving renovation projects or temporary storage during facility expansions.


Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

  • For prolonged storage and the safekeeping of temperature-sensitive items such as medications, important documents, wooden furniture, and antiques, UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts offers access to a climate-controlled storage warehouse conveniently situated in Braintree. Simply notify us when storage services are needed, and we will efficiently transport the container to our secure storage facility when it aligns with your schedule.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

There exist several compelling reasons why opting for a UNITS® container stands as the optimal solution for senior living communities and rehabilitation centers. First and foremost, our containers epitomize convenience and flexibility. They can be conveniently transported directly to the facility, granting easy accessibility and on-site storage options. With UNITS®, there’s no longer a need for seniors or staff members to engage in tedious back-and-forth trips to distant off-site storage facilities, a factor that undoubtedly saves both time and effort.

Furthermore, UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts takes great care in designing containers that cater specifically to seniors’ unique requirements. Our containers boast weather-resistant and secure features, safeguarding personal belongings and cherished items during transitions, renovations, or relocations. Seniors can rest assured knowing that their treasured possessions remain both secure and easily accessible whenever the need arises.

Additionally, UNITS® containers serve as a pragmatic solution for decluttering and downsizing. As seniors transition to smaller living spaces, our containers offer a secure and orderly space to store excess belongings. This liberates valuable space within their new living environment and contributes to creating a more comfortable, uncluttered living space.

UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts containers combine convenience, security, and flexibility in a harmonious blend, rendering them the ultimate choice for senior living communities and rehabilitation centers. Whether it’s for temporary storage during renovation projects, aiding seniors and rehab patients in transitioning to new living environments or facilitating downsizing endeavors, UNITS® containers are meticulously engineered to align with the distinctive needs of these facilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.


Contact UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts

Senior living communities and rehabilitation centers can effortlessly reach out to UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Southeast Massachusetts for all their storage and moving requisites. Our dedication to being locally owned and operated sets us apart, underscoring our commitment to delivering personalized and attentive service. Whether you opt for a phone call or choose to fill out our Instant Quote Form, the dedicated professionals at UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts are poised and ready to assist, prepared to delve into the specific demands of your institution. Through participation in our National Accounts Program, senior living communities can access tailor-made discounted rates that cater to their unique needs. By joining forces with UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts, senior living communities and rehab centers can tap into the expertise and local insights of a team that genuinely comprehends the distinctive requirements of the senior community.