Let's say you're a real estate agent who often stages a home to enhance its sale potential. UNITS® is an easy, resourceful way to store excess furniture, eliminate clutter, and quickly improve the appearance of the property. We then make it really simple by taking the furniture to the new residence, eliminating rough handling of goods.

Or maybe you regularly host or attend events and trade shows. A UNITS® container is a hassle-free way to transport merchandise, furniture and displays for your occasion. During the event, you'll have on-site storage to keep any additional equipment safe and secure. When the event is over, the UNIT® will be delivered back to your company's office. These are just a couple ways our local owners and managers increase efficiency for businesses in our surrounding communities.

UNITS Portable Storage

How can UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts Help your Business?

At UNITS®, we pride ourselves on our versatile containers that can serve a variety of purposes. They’re durable, weather-resistant, and built to last – perfect for businesses that need reliable moving and storage services. Read on to see how UNITS® can help expand your business!

UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts offers moving and storage options to contractors so that their productivity will amplify and operations will flow smoothly. Services we provide contractors include storing building materials onsite and effortlessly transporting supplies between job sites, as well as long-term or short-term equipment storage in a controlled temperature environment. LEARN MORE

If you're a realtor in southeast Massachusetts, UNITS® can become your go-to moving and storage solution. We make life easy for our customers by providing on-demand staging with one of our portable storage containers, as well as local move services and solutions for mismatched closing dates. Plus, our services are flexible to tailor fit any individual realtor's needs. LEARN MORE

If you're a disaster restoration company, you know that storms, fires, and hazardous cleanups are all in a day's work. But did you also know that having a UNITS® of Southeast Massachusetts container on site can be incredibly useful? Our containers have the space to hold industrial cleaning supplies and equipment or anything else your company needs while working. Plus, if items need to be packed up and stored offsite, we have a climate-controlled storage facility located in Braintree where we can keep the homeowner's belongings safe until they're needed again. LEARN MORE