Moving to Phoenix? Let the team at UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Phoenix be the first to extend a welcoming hand! Over the years, we’ve helped countless newcomers make their move as smooth and convenient as possible. Although selling your house and moving to a new city can be a daunting prospect, the process can be swift and stress-free with proper preparation. When you make your move can make a tremendous amount of difference, for example. Whether you’re moving to or from Phoenix, spring is the perfect time to embark. Here are our top five reasons why spring is the best time to move:

  1. Mild Weather. In many other parts of the country, spring represents the perfect opportunity to move because the threat of snowstorms and blizzards has passed. In Arizona, however, frosty weather is less of a concern. Instead, we recommend moving in the spring to get ahead of the summer heat waves. Save yourself some sweat and move in March or April, if possible.

  2. Garage Sale Season. In the process of selling your house, you likely took inventory of all your belongings. To make your move easier, it’s best to offload items that you don’t use or need anymore. Again, spring weather provides the ideal environment for a garage sale! Take the time to lighten the load and make some extra cash at the same time – it’s a win-win.

  3. Primetime for Selling Property. To sell your house for the highest price and shortest turnaround possible, the real estate site recommends selling in the spring. Just think about it – what better time to stage your house than when your flowers are blooming and your yard is green and vibrant? Don’t be afraid to capitalize on that curb appeal.

  4. Best Time to Move with Kids. If you’re a parent, you likely want your move to disrupt your kids’ schooling as little as possible. Spring is rife with school holidays that create long weekends, not to mention spring break. Take the opportunity to move without causing your kids to miss school.

  5. Avoid “Prime” Moving Season. Most homeowners move between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That’s when moving services are in highest demand. Avoid peak moving season by moving in the spring and take advantage of moving services’ improved availability.

Moving to Phoenix in the spring comes with so many advantages. Have you thought of another one? Do you prefer moving during a different time of the year? Leave a comment below. Then, as you make your move, don’t forget to call UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Phoenix at (480) 360-5666 for all your portable storage needs!

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