What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Senior Living?

At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Phoenix, we comprehend the distinct requisites of thrift stores within the Phoenix vicinity. Our comprehensive preparedness encompasses delivering practical and cost-effective storage and moving solutions, fully tailored to match precise needs. We also take pride in inviting you to participate in our National Accounts Program, providing exclusive access to specialized services and discounted rates customized to meet individual demands.

Our moving and storage solutions include:

Accommodates Big Donations:

  • UNITS® containers offer generous storage space, providing thrift stores with the capacity to effectively manage substantial donations without overwhelming their premises.

Seasonal Inventory Management:

  • Thrift stores can smoothly rotate their seasonal inventory utilizing UNITS® containers, ensuring that items remain accessible when required and adequately preserved during off-peak periods.

Donation Events Made Simple:

  • UNITS® containers greatly simplify hosting donation events by offering secure, designated spaces for incoming donations. This facilitates organized collection and efficient processing.

Off-site Donation Collection:

  • UNITS® containers facilitate offsite collection initiatives such as coat drives, empowering thrift stores to expand their outreach and gather items from various locations. These containers ensure secure storage until items are ready for distribution.

Temperature-Controlled Warehouse:

  • Our climate-controlled offsite warehouse in Mesa is ideally suited for safeguarding temperature-sensitive items, including antiques and wooden furniture. This preservation maintains their quality and value over time.

Overflow Storage Solution:

  • When thrift stores face challenges related to excess inventory during peak seasons or special sales events, UNITS® containers provide an efficient solution. They prevent clutter, enabling a pleasant shopping experience for customers.

Large Capacity for Big Sales:

  • The considerable 12′ and 16′ UNITS® containers, with a capacity of up to 6,000 pounds and 8,000 pounds, respectively, are invaluable during major sales or clearance events. These containers ensure surplus items are readily accessible to fulfill customer demand.

Oversized Items and Furniture:

  • The expansive interiors of UNITS® containers are tailor-made for accommodating oversized furniture and bulky items. This design simplifies logistical operations and aids thrift stores in efficiently managing a diverse range of inventory.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

A UNITS® container offers an optimal storage solution for thrift stores, featuring versatile attributes tailored to the distinct requirements of such establishments. Thrift stores frequently confront fluctuating inventory levels, and the adaptable nature of UNITS® containers empowers them to effortlessly handle sizeable donations, seasonal items, and overflow storage. Capable of accommodating up to 6,000 pounds in a 12′ container and 8,000 pounds in a 16′ container, these containers empower thrift stores to confidently store a diverse range of items, including challenging oversized furniture. This enhances operational efficiency and guarantees efficient utilization of every inch of their store.

Furthermore, thrift stores regularly host donation events and initiatives such as coat drives. UNITS® containers simplify these activities by furnishing secure and accessible storage space for incoming donations, ensuring items remain safeguarded until they undergo sorting and processing. The weather-resistant design of the containers assures external elements, granting thrift stores peace of mind during outdoor events. Additionally, the climate-controlled storage warehouse offered by UNITS® proves indispensable in safeguarding temperature-sensitive possessions like antiques and wood furniture, preserving their value over extended durations, and offering convenient offsite storage solutions for long-term needs.

UNITS® containers harmonize seamlessly with thrift stores’ dedication to sustainability and effective resource management. By delivering a convenient and efficient storage solution, these containers substantially diminish the demand for costly off-site storage facilities and excessive transportation. We undertake the transportation responsibilities, promoting cost savings and an environmentally conscious approach to inventory management. As thrift stores strive to cultivate organized and shopper-friendly environments, UNITS® containers emerge as an essential instrument for sustaining order, optimizing space, and ensuring the accessibility of items for both personnel and customers.

Contact UNITS® of Phoenix

Thrift stores possess effortless avenues to connect with UNITS® of Phoenix to address their storage requisites. They can complete the Instant Quote Form on our website, securing prompt and precise estimates tailored to their needs. Alternatively, a direct phone call facilitates an in-depth discussion of their storage requirements. UNITS® stands out due to our commitment as a locally owned and operated entity, fostering personalized engagement and a profound understanding of the local community’s storage needs. Furthermore, thrift stores aspiring to enhance their storage solutions stand to benefit significantly from our National Accounts Program, accessing specialized discounts and services meticulously tailored to fulfill their unique operational prerequisites. Empower your thrift store with comprehensive support from UNITS® of Phoenix – reach out to us today!