Your move to Stanton, California, doesn’t have to be costly. A portable storage container from UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Orange County is affordable and dependable!

Let’s look at why using the services at UNITS makes moving a breeze!

We can guarantee every delivery! With our innovative ROBO-Unit® moving system, we can navigate narrow paths and complex parking. No matter the location of your current residence, UNITS can deliver directly to you.

Packing is made simple thanks to the ability to pack at your leisure. We never rush our customers because we know how much stress can come with moving – it’s a huge transition! That’s why you get to keep the container as long as you need to.

And transport to the new home is a cinch! Our team will handle that for you. All it takes is a phone call, and we’ll schedule your container pickup. We work on your time.

We aim to cover all kinds of moving needs amongst our customers; that’s why UNITS offers local storage in Orange County. You can keep your container full of belongings at the temperature-controlled facility to help free up space in your new home!

We are a locally owned and operated business located in Orange County, and we would like to welcome you to Stanton with a free quote! Call UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Orange County at (949) 430-6671 to get yours today.


Stanton Attractions

Enjoy your new city by visiting these local attractions!


Adventure City

If you’re a family with young to teen children, you need to check out Adventure City! This amusement park features a petting zoo, arcade, and classic carnival-style rides.


Stanton Central Park

Burn off some energy with your little ones at Stanton Central Park! There you will find an adorable train-themed playground along with a skatepark and walking trails. It’s a fantastic spot to meet fellow locals!


What was your favorite thing to do at a playground growing up?


Moving and Packing Supplies in Stanton

You can find boxes, tape, and so much more for your big move at these local retailers!


Red Ball Hardware

7612 Katella Ave

Stanton, CA 90680

(714) 890-6610


The Home Depot

12131 Beach Blvd

Stanton, CA 90680

(714) 892-9714


Lowe’s Home Improvement

7300 E Carson St

Long Beach, CA 90808

(562) 421-9996


You can get your free quote and schedule your delivery by calling UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Orange County at (949) 430-6671! We welcome you to Stanton.

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