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Laguna Hills Moving Containers and Self Storage

Relocating doesn't need to come with stress. Relax and unwind. UNITS® offers swift and cost-effective moving solutions.


Laguna Hills Storage

Laguna Hills Moving Containers and Self Storage

UNITS® offers a comprehensive range of self-storage options conveniently brought to your location, catering to residential and commercial requirements.


Delivered in Laguna Hills

Laguna Hills Moving Containers and Self Storage

Rest easy knowing that your prized possessions are shielded with UNITS®. Our groundbreaking delivery approach revolutionizes the art of moving and storage.


Moving in Laguna Hills, California

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UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Orange County presents the ultimate convenience for all your moving and storage needs. We simplify the process of moving, granting you the flexibility you desire. Employing our distinctive ROBO-UNIT Delivery System, we position our portable moving containers right outside your residential or business premises at ground level, ensuring around-the-clock accessibility throughout the week. UNITS® proves invaluable in assisting you with house staging, decluttering, and expediting the sale of your property. Once your container is loaded, a simple communication with us is all it takes to initiate transportation to your new residence in Laguna Hills or safe storage within our secure facility. The beauty of this lies in the fact that you only need to load and unload once, thereby conserving valuable time, energy, and effort. As a locally owned and operated establishment boasting years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service at the most competitive rates in the region. Reserve your UNITS® container today by giving us a call!

Moving Services in Laguna Hills

Step into the world of enhanced moving experiences with UNITS®! As traditional moving approaches become outdated, UNITS® of Orange County offers a superior alternative. Attempting to compress several weeks' worth of tasks into a single day is no longer necessary. Choose excellence by reaching out to UNITS® for your residential and commercial moving needs within California. Our containers effortlessly fit into standard parking spaces, allowing loading and unloading at your convenience. The testimonials of countless individuals stand testament to the excellence of UNITS® moving services.

Movers in Laguna Hills

At UNITS® of Orange County, we extend a spectrum of services tailored to your requirements. The pricing for our portable moving containers hinges on container size and travel distance. You can rely on UNITS® of Orange County to provide you with a guaranteed price for our moving services. Our primary aim is to make your upcoming move seamless and straightforward. The secret to success in any move is meticulous planning. Remember, it invariably takes more time than anticipated, so don't delay any further! Take the initiative today and make the call to (949) 430-6671. Your journey towards a hassle-free move commences with UNITS®.
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Storage in Laguna Hills, California

Storing your belongings in Laguna Hills becomes hassle-free with UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage. UNITS® of Orange County presents a storage solution that aligns seamlessly with your needs, offering storage container rentals on a monthly basis, akin to other options available in Laguna Hills. We facilitate the process by delivering a 12' or 16' portable storage container to your residence, allowing you the freedom to load it at your convenience. Following usage, you can maintain the container on-site or entrust us with its retrieval for secure warehousing. Our assortment of storage solutions reflects adaptability and versatility. The option to retain your container on-site for as long as needed is available. A cornerstone of our service lies in delivering excellent customer experiences coupled with the most competitive storage rates in Laguna Hills. Regardless of the scale or quantity of your possessions, you're assured a fixed price and punctual delivery. For a seamless experience of self-storage delivered to your doorstep in Laguna Hills, place your trust in UNITS®.

Portable Storage

The standard approach to storage alternatives around Laguna Hills often entails truck rentals, incessant back-and-forth trips, and repetitive unloading and reloading until your self-storage unit reaches capacity. The narrative takes a different turn with UNITS® of Orange County. We shoulder the driving responsibilities, alleviating your concerns regarding impractical rental timelines, fuel expenses, or daily rates. The advantage of loading and unloading just once translates to tangible savings in terms of both time and money.

Business Storage

At UNITS® of Orange County, we engage daily with commercial entities, catering to short-term and long-term storage requisites. This avenue presents a prudent strategy to expand your real estate portfolio through low-cost investment in UNITS®. Acknowledging the rapid pace of business where time equates to currency, UNITS® makes the extra effort. Being a locally owned and operated enterprise, we deeply appreciate the significance of delivering prompt and dependable service. When it comes to commercial storage in California, UNITS® serves as your reliable source of support.

UNITS® Moving & Storage Containers 

Experience the robustness of UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage containers situated within Laguna Hills, California. Designed to withstand the elements, these containers embody durability and weather resistance. Their primary focus lies in delivering both convenience and security. Equipped with all-steel construction, rugged steel frames, and lockable steel doors, these containers stand as the epitome of weather-resistant solutions available in the market.

Incorporating a one-piece roof serves as a barrier against the elements and ensures the safety of the contents housed within. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage containers are a pinnacle of enduring mobile storage, meticulously crafted to provide a haven for your valued possessions. Make the most of UNITS® storage containers in Laguna Hills, benefiting from their superior design and protective capabilities.

Storage Sizes

UNITS® offers the versatility of portable storage containers in two convenient sizes. Our selection encompasses 12' and 16' portable storage containers, catering to a spectrum of needs.

The 12' storage container is particularly sought after, able to accommodate the contents of 3-4 rooms, a basement, or sizeable items like patio furniture, sofas, or dining room tables.

On the other hand, the 16' storage containers emerge as ideal solutions for on-site tasks such as remodeling or repairs, along with family relocations and support for first responders.

Moving and Storage Containers

The UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage containers are constructed with longevity in mind. The commitment to safety is reflected in the exclusive utilization of top-notch components throughout manufacturing. With a legacy dating back to 2004, UNITS® has been a driving force in developing and producing top-quality mobile storage containers. Rigorously tested across the United States and Canada, these containers have weathered various climates, demonstrating their resistance against heat and fading due to sunlight, snow, and ice damage. Choose the paramount portable storage company in the market to guarantee the preservation of your cherished items.

Self-Storage in Laguna Hills Without Leaving Your Home

  • Secure – Your belongings will remain safe and secure during storing and moving processes!
  • Timeliness – All pick-up and drop-off times are accurate and speedy 
  • Optimal – You only have to load and unload your belongings once
  • Resourceful – Each storage container is manufactured with durable steel
  • Accessible – You can leave your containers on-site for 24/7 access
  • Guaranteed pricing – No fuel charges or rental fees, unlike local competitors
  • Environmentally flexible – Our steel containers are weather-resistant and can be transported from any ground
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Laguna Hills Moving Containers and Self Storage

No Call Centers - Talk to a Local Expert

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage establishments thrive as locally owned and operated hubs. We defy the reliance on impersonal call centers. A knowledgeable local expert in your area always facilitates your interaction. What truly distinguishes us is our unparalleled knack for delivering cost-effective solutions, all while attuned to the delivery of exceptional customer service. The UNITS® experience awaits your exploration. Reach out to UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Orange County.

Storage That Is Safe and Secure

Since 2004, UNITS® has been at the forefront of crafting our own self-storage containers. Possessing the attributes of weather resistance and robustness, our mobile containers have undergone rigorous trials across the United States, offering steadfast protection for your valued belongings. UNITS® of Orange County is an emblem of trustworthiness in portable containers, representing excellence and earning recognition as a premier brand in the storage sector.

Protect Your Belongings From Damage

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Orange County capitalizes on our groundbreaking ROBO-UNIT Delivery System, facilitating the placement of each storage container in an array of locations with unparalleled ease, a feat unmatched by other container storage businesses. The assurance of maintaining both the container and its contents in a level position at all times underscores our commitment to safety. UNITS® exclusively employs the most enduring and resilient storage containers available in the market, guaranteeing your precious items' preservation.

Get the Service You Deserve

Dedicated families meticulously run UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage establishments within your vicinity. UNITS® containers are embraced by all partners in tandem with our exclusive ROBO-UNIT Delivery System, ensuring an unparalleled encounter with quality each time. You're destined to receive the utmost in terms of offers and service from individuals committed to nurturing your patronage. Opting for a storage container from UNITS® means immersing yourself in a tangible experience transformation.

Laguna Hills Moving Containers and Self Storage

Store On-Site at Your Location

  • Storage containers delivered right to your door
  • Weather-resistant portable storage containers
  • Convenient mobile storage access 24/7
  • Secure storage - lockable, all-steel doors
  • Perfect for remodeling projects, garage organization, and seasonal items
  • Temporary storage for your business
  • Staging your home for sale
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UNITS® ROBO-UNIT Delivery System

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At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Orange County, we harness the cutting-edge potential of the ROBO-UNIT Delivery System to offer a fleet of portable storage containers. Our paramount concern is ensuring the immobility of stored items during loading, unloading, and transit. To this end, we remain resolute in maintaining a consistently level orientation throughout the transportation journey.

The prowess of the UNITS® ROBO-UNIT Delivery System transcends obstacles, conquering unpaved terrain, undulating ground, and uneven landscapes with finesse. It remains impervious to the challenges posed by snow or rain. In a seamless choreography, the ROBO-UNIT accurately positions each portable storage container and retrieves it without leaving a trace. This system stands as the epitome of efficiency among container delivery systems available in the market.

Exclusively deployed by UNITS® dealers, the ROBO-UNIT Delivery System empowers us to achieve feats beyond the grasp of our competitors. UNITS® boasts unparalleled reach, delivering containers to many locations, surpassing any rival. This system embodies security, simplicity, and an unwavering dedication to safeguarding your possessions while in our care. Your trust in us ensures that your belongings are upheld with the same diligence as when you packed them.

The UNITS® ROBO-UNIT emerges as a frontrunner in the competition, characterized by its accelerated delivery capabilities, thus ensuring punctuality as your steadfast companion. The efficiency is such that mobile storage containers can be seamlessly dropped off or picked up within an average span of 5 minutes, fostering a seamless experience that aligns with your schedule.

UNITS® Moving Guide to Laguna Hills, California

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage containers encompass a versatile range of applications. Diverging from the conventional storage companies, UNITS® takes on a multifaceted role, adeptly catering to an array of moving and storage needs, regardless of their duration, be it short-term or long-term, and whether the context is personal or professional.

Imagine you're engrossed in a revitalizing restoration or remodeling venture. Perhaps you represent a business in dire need of supplementary storage capacity for your inventory, or you're embarking on the entrepreneurial journey of establishing an organization. Whatever your scenario, UNITS® is poised to extend a helping hand. Our moving and storage options are designed to exceed your expectations, ensuring your seamless experience. Embrace the ingenuity of UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Orange County as you delve into flexible portable storage and relocation resolutions.

Disaster Restoration

In your hour of need, UNITS® stands unwaveringly by your side, poised to shield your property from unforeseen catastrophes that strike without warning. Be it the fury of a storm, the ravages of fire, or the destructive force of water damage, UNITS® is primed to collaborate with your chosen restoration entity, lending support spanning the gamut from minor tasks to comprehensive pack-outs. Your possessions can find refuge on-site or within our secure warehouse storage facility, offering a safe haven as experts work tirelessly to restore your abode.

Garage Makeovers

Count on UNITS® to bring transformation to your garage space. Picture this: a secure, weather-resistant 12' or 16' mobile storage container gracing your doorstep. It is your trusted repository, accommodating your belongings as you embark on home improvement endeavors. Tools, bicycles, and lawn equipment no longer impede your progress; they remain within arm's reach, nestled nearby, safeguarded, and easily accessible throughout your project.

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