What Solutions Does UNITS® Offer Restaurants?

UNITS® of Oklahoma City is the ideal place to safeguard your restaurant’s tables and chairs, dry goods, stoves and ovens, utensils – you name it. Plus, if you join our National Accounts Program now, we’ll grant special discounts for members! What are you waiting for? Secure all your necessary items with us today and experience the difference that UNITS® can bring to your business.

Some moving and storage solutions we offer are:

  • On-site container storage for easy access to needed materials and streamlining operations
  • Off-site, climate-controlled warehouse storage right in town
  • Easy moving and transportation of goods between locations
  • Organization and storage of PPE for staff

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

Owning a restaurant is no simple task. You are well aware of the countless ingredients, equipment, and seating arrangements needed for your business to function at its best – but that often means sacrificing precious floor space in exchange for storage room. Don’t fret; UNITS® offers an ideal solution so you can keep running your restaurant with maximum efficiency!

Expand your business without any fear with UNITS® of Oklahoma City! We offer secure and flexible on-site and off-site storage for all essential items, such as ingredients, stoves, and supplies. Plus, our transportation services guarantee you the greatest convenience to move containers from anywhere – be it our storage facility or somewhere else. Trust us at UNITS ®of Oklahoma City to provide cost-effective moving and storage solutions that can help scale your business in no time!


Contact UNITS® of Oklahoma City

Let us help you streamline your restaurant’s daily operations with our tailored storage container services! Contact us via phone or fill out our quote form, and we’ll work together to find the best solution for your business. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity now and make sure that your restaurant runs at its finest.