What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer the Hotel, Motel, and Resorts Industry? 

Enhancing the guest experience can pose challenges, especially when available space is limited. Any available space is typically reserved for operational necessities, leaving minimal room for additional storage requirements. Hotels, motels, and resorts can confidently turn to UNITS® of Oklahoma City for their storage needs. Our convenient portable storage solutions remove barriers like space constraints, accessibility issues, or transportation complexities.

One standout feature of UNITS® portable storage containers is our ability to transport them directly to your properties. This eradicates concerns about transportation logistics and grants easy access to your storage solutions. Our containers can be stationed on your property or dispatched to our off-site, climate-controlled storage facility, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for hotel and motel storage. Furthermore, our UNITS® storage facility is perfectly equipped to safeguard items like artwork, antiques, or electronics from temperature and humidity fluctuations. Regardless of your unique storage requirements, our flexible options are adept at optimizing your daily tasks and catering to any special event needs with ease.

Some of our top features include:

Unlimited Space Solutions: Our range of portable storage containers, available in two sizes – 12ft and 16ft, offers a diverse array of options tailored to meet your unique requirements. These all-steel containers feature robust all-wood flooring and barn doors designed to maximize space utilization effectively.

Transportation with Innovation: Thanks to our state-of-the-art ROBO-UNIT delivery system, UNITS® portable storage containers can be conveniently positioned virtually anywhere on your property. Whether it’s nestled in a compact parking garage or squeezed between two buildings, our ability to place containers with precision ensures your employees have access to a dependable storage location while accommodating space constraints. Setting us apart from conventional off-site storage providers, we have the flexibility to seamlessly transport our containers to and from our storage facility, allowing you to access your container’s contents whenever necessary.

Flexible Rental Periods: As a locally owned and operated franchise, UNITS® of Oklahoma City understands the importance of flexibility, especially when time is of the essence. We provide a range of storage options, both short-term and long-term, designed to align with your specific needs and budget. Our commitment to efficiency ensures swift and seamless container deliveries, and you have the freedom to keep them anywhere on your property or in our storage facility for the duration that suits you.

Security and Protection: Given the heightened security concerns within the hotel, motel, and resort industry, we prioritize the safety of your stored items. As mentioned, our all-steel containers feature barn doors equipped with robust latches and locking mechanisms, ensuring the container’s security and preventing potential theft. UNITS® storage containers are also crafted from durable materials, providing protection against the elements and warding off unwanted critters, guaranteeing complete security for your belongings.

Why Choose UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage for Hotel Storage Solutions?

Storage solutions tailored for hotels, motels, and resorts go beyond mere convenience; they embody the essence of opulence and excellence. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Oklahoma City steps forward with a personalized answer to tackle the distinctive storage challenges frequently encountered within the hotel industry. Our portable storage solutions come to the rescue, supporting an array of needs, from event planning and hosting to property renovations and expansions.

For establishments that often serve as venues for hosting events, these storage options can differentiate between being ordinary and extraordinary. On-site portable storage proves invaluable for securely stowing away props, furniture, catering supplies, and more, ensuring that in-house storage areas remain uncluttered and available for their intended use. In certain scenarios, events may require storage for delicate items that demand a climate-controlled environment. Our Oklahoma City storage facility is ideally equipped to house temperature-sensitive items for both grand and intimate events.

Expansions or enhancements to hotels, motels, and resort properties can impose spatial limitations, compounding pre-existing constraints. During remodeling and renovation projects, portable storage solutions emerge as a practical and secure space for housing new materials, machinery, tools, and other essentials. Equally significant, they can also be utilized to safeguard hotel property throughout the construction phases. Whether these containers remain on-site or are transported to our facility, they remain at your disposal for the duration you require.

UNITS® boasts a robust local presence and takes immense pride in its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. Our in-depth knowledge of the local market and our dedication to customer satisfaction position us as a dependable partner for all your storage needs. We pledge timely delivery and pickup of storage containers, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations and the preservation of project timelines without any hiccups.

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UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Oklahoma City provides an invaluable service that guarantees secure, efficient, and tailored storage solutions for hotels, motels, and resorts. Choose UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage as your trusted ally for all your storage requirements, ensuring seamless operations and delighted guests. If you’re eager to explore how we can elevate the storage solutions for your hotel, motel, or resort, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us or fill out our Instant Quote Form on our website today.