Moving to Lewisville, TX? Let UNITS help you make the move!

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Service is a great way to make your move to Lewisville simple and efficient.  Starting with a quick call for a quote, our UNITS team will find the perfect sized storage container for your moving needs.  From there, we will schedule your container drop off and let you pack as you need.

UNITS gives you the space and time to load up your container on your schedule, so you don’t need to feel rushed or stressed about packing your belongings.  When you’re all set, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage will come to transport your container safely.

If you’re ready to head right to your new home, we can take your container right to it.  If you need a little extra time, we can take your container to a secure and climate-controlled storage facility until you are ready to have in taken to your new home.

No matter the size or the timeline, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Service will help make your move simple and efficient.


Learning more about your new home in Lewisville, TX

Just minutes from Dallas and Fort Worth, Lewisville captures historic charm with updated attractions with specialty stores, restaurants, art and ongoing community events. Lewisville also is also home to gorgeous, glittery lakes, making it a great place to escape and call home!

LLELA Nature Preserve

Lewisville Lake Education Learning Area is a public area in the northern stretch of Lewisville providing recreational activities aiming to protect, preserve and restore the natural habitat and ecosystem of Lewisville Lake.  With hiking trails, fishing, kayaking, bird watching, and more, LLELA is home to a whole host of activities and nature to explore!


Helpful link in Lewisville, TX

Waste Management:

1600 S Railroad St

Lewisville, TX 75057

(972) 316-2276

Lewisville Municipal Court:

1197 W Main St

Lewisville, TX 75067

(972) 219-3436

Westlake Ace Hardware:

1116 W Main St

Lewisville, TX 75067

(469) 528-6584

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