The Best Local Customer Service

When you contact us, you’re not redirected to a distant call center; you’re connecting with a local establishment. Our dedicated owners and employees have an intimate understanding of the North Shore area, enabling them to address your questions with precision and a genuinely unmatched care level.


Speaking of pricing, UNITS® owners go the extra mile to offer the most competitive rates in the North Shore market. As a result, our average moving and storage costs are consistently far more budget-friendly than those associated with self-storage. We encourage you to put this to the test – request a quote from us today and perform a direct apples-to-apples comparison with a self-storage quote. We’re confident that our transparent pricing structure, free from hidden fees, will exceed your expectations. Period.

Long-Term Contracts? No Thanks!

Unlike self-storage facilities, UNITS® of North Shore provides month-to-month agreements instead of trying to lock you into lengthy commitments. We believe in keeping things straightforward with our contracts without resorting to gimmicks. You won’t find us imposing rental deadlines; you can store your belongings with us as long as your needs dictate.

One Move. One Time.

With UNITS® of North Shore, there’s no need to fret over double or triple packing, truck rentals, or daily rates. A single packing session does it all, and you won’t have to bother with extra truck rentals requiring you to take the wheel. Our UNITS® containers are delivered to your location and picked up when ready, eliminating the need for additional driving.

Built Tough

Our UNITS® containers are built to endure. Our containers are the most weather-resistant options on the market, featuring robust steel construction, including Morgans and Supremes as FRP sides, rigid steel frames, and steel doors. In contrast, self-storage lacks some of these structural advantages.

More Interior Space & Capacity

Furthermore, UNITS® of North Shore offers containers that are not only spacious but also efficiently designed. Thanks to our unique door design, we can accommodate more cubic feet of space than certain self-storage facilities. When providing the space you need, trust UNITS® of North Shore to deliver the solution that meets your requirements.