What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Senior Living Communities?

At UNITS®, we deeply understand the significance of delivering the finest care for seniors and patients, honoring their customary needs with unwavering commitment. Our team is devoted to providing flexible solutions that elevate day-to-day operations, making the lives of residents and staff smoother and more efficient.

Through our National Accounts Program, we take great pleasure in offering specially discounted rates to our esteemed partners who choose to embark on a journey with us. By selecting our services, you are not just acquiring storage solutions but forming a valuable partnership that will optimize your operations and enhance your senior living community or rehab facility’s overall performance.

Our moving and storage solutions include:

Portable Storage Delivered Directly to Senior Living Communities and Facilities

  • At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast, we take great pride in delivering exceptional portable storage solutions that cater to the unique needs of senior living communities and rehabilitation facilities. Our focus is to offer convenience and flexibility, ensuring these establishments are well-prepared to tackle any storage challenges they may face. With UNITS®, our portable storage containers can be directly delivered to the facility, providing easy access and on-site storage options for supplies and equipment, especially crucial during flu season or other emergencies.

Transitioning Between Housing and Senior Living Communities or Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Seniors and their families can benefit significantly from the services of UNITS® of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast by utilizing our containers to move their belongings to the facilities or store them safely until they are ready to make the necessary arrangements. By choosing UNITS®, the burden of coordinating multiple trips to self-storage facilities or relying on others to transport personal items is eliminated, providing seniors with a flexible, easy, and affordable solution to transition between different living situations.

Secure, Weather-Resistant Containers

  • Our containers are meticulously designed to be weather-resistant, critter-resistant, and highly secure, protecting all personal belongings and valuable items. Available in 12′ and 16′ sizes, our containers can hold up to 8,000 lbs, making them ideal for efficiently packing homes or providing on-site storage solutions for various facilities.

Flexible Rental Periods

  • Recognizing the diverse needs of senior living communities and rehabilitation centers, UNITS® of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast offers flexible rental periods. We understand the dynamic nature of these facilities, such as renovation projects or temporary storage requirements during facility expansions. With our accommodating approach, you can rely on us to provide storage solutions tailored to your specific timelines and needs.

Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

  • For long-term storage needs and sensitive items requiring climate control, such as medications, documents, wood furniture, and antiques, UNITS® of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast has you covered. We offer a climate-controlled storage warehouse conveniently located in Slidell, providing a safe and suitable environment for preserving temperature-sensitive items. Just let us know when you require storage, and we’ll efficiently transport the container to our storage facility when you’re ready.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

At UNITS® of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast, we pride ourselves on providing the perfect portable storage solutions for senior living communities and rehabilitation centers. Our containers offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility, as they can be directly delivered to the facility, providing easy access and on-site storage options. With UNITS®, seniors and staff no longer need to go back and forth to off-site storage facilities, saving valuable time and effort.

Our specially designed containers cater to the specific needs of seniors, ensuring their personal belongings and valuable items are well-protected during transitions, renovations, or relocations. Our containers’ weather-resistant and secure nature grants seniors the peace of mind knowing that their cherished possessions are always safe and easily accessible when required.

Decluttering and downsizing can be made effortless with UNITS® containers. As seniors transition to a smaller living space, our containers offer a practical solution for securely storing excess belongings in an organized manner. By utilizing our containers, seniors can free up space in their new living environment, creating a more comfortable and clutter-free living space.

The combination of convenience, security, and flexibility makes UNITS® of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast containers the ultimate choice for senior living communities and rehabilitation centers. Whether it’s temporary storage during renovations, assisting seniors and patients in rehab centers with their transition to a new living environment, or facilitating downsizing efforts, UNITS® containers are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of these facilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.


Contact UNITS® of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast

For all your storage and moving needs, senior living communities and rehabilitation centers can easily reach out to us at UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast. As a locally owned and operated business, we take great pride in providing personalized and attentive service. Whether you prefer giving us a call or filling out our Instant Quote Form, our dedicated professionals are always ready to assist and discuss the specific requirements of your institution. By becoming part of our National Accounts Program, senior living communities can take advantage of specially discounted rates tailored to their needs. Partnering with UNITS® of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast means gaining access to the expertise and local knowledge of a team that genuinely understands the unique needs of the senior community.