What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Production Companies?

Our arsenal of weather-resistant and secure portable storage containers becomes a haven for production teams and companies, allowing them to effortlessly preserve props, costumes, equipment, and sets, ensuring these essential elements remain secure and readily accessible throughout production. UNITS® excels in offering adaptable delivery and pickup services, readily accommodating shifting filming locations or evolving set prerequisites, making it the ultimate choice for the ever-evolving demands of the entertainment industry.

Our moving and storage solutions include:

Versatile Container Sizes

At UNITS® of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast, we offer a versatile selection of storage container sizes, including the popular 12′ and 16′ options. These containers are designed to securely house costumes, props, and sets on production sets, ensuring effortless access to vital items during filming or theater production.

Easy, On-Site Storage Access

Count on UNITS® to deliver the container directly to your specified set location. Our state-of-the-art ROBO-UNIT Delivery System enables us to transport your container regardless of the prevailing weather conditions or challenging terrain, providing unmatched convenience and reliability.

Staging External Sets

In scenarios where an external building, such as a home, serves as the backdrop for your set, UNITS® containers excel at accommodating the personal effects of the structure while clearing the way for your intended location, offering an effective solution to the unique challenges of on-site production.

Set Organization Made Easy

UNITS®’s on-site storage solutions empower production companies to maintain impeccable item organization, ensuring that all essential equipment, costumes, and props are conveniently housed in one centralized location. This streamlined approach eliminates the hassles of cluttered offices and backstage spaces, promoting a smoother production process.

More Storage, More Productions

With expanded storage capacity comes the ability to take on more extensive and ambitious productions. UNITS®’s spacious containers enable the creation of larger-scale and more remarkable projects, giving production companies the creative freedom they desire.

Weather-Resistant, Lockable Containers

UNITS® containers are weather-resistant and equipped with reliable locking mechanisms, ensuring the safety and dryness of valuable production content. Regardless of adverse weather conditions, your assets remain shielded from external elements.

Off-site Temperature Controlled Warehouse Storage

For temperature-sensitive items like wooden props or camera/sound equipment, UNITS® offers climate-controlled warehouse storage options situated in Slidell. This specialized service guarantees the preservation and integrity of delicate assets, presenting an ideal solution tailored to the specific storage needs of the entertainment industry.

Easy Transportation Services

UNITS® takes pride in delivering comprehensive storage and transportation services designed to cater to the unique requirements of production companies. Our solutions are flexible, tailored, and geared toward enhancing the efficiency and ultimate success of TV, film, and theater productions.


Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You


A UNITS® container proves to be an invaluable asset for production companies operating within the entertainment industry. These highly adaptable containers come in various sizes, including the popular 12′ and 16′ selections, offering an effective solution for securely housing costumes, props, sets, equipment, and other essential items required on production sets. The presence of on-site portable storage ensures effortless access to crucial items during shoots, streamlining the production process by maintaining a tidy and convenient storage location. This convenient approach enables production crews to focus on their creative work while staying within budgetary constraints, as they have the peace of mind that their equipment and assets are securely stored within UNITS® containers.

Furthermore, UNITS® containers are renowned for their durability and security features, making them an ideal protective barrier for valuable production content. These containers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and come equipped with reliable locking mechanisms, ensuring the safety and dryness of their contents. Such dependability is paramount in an industry where each prop and costume holds immense value and significance. With UNITS®, production companies can confidently trust that their assets remain safeguarded against external elements, enabling them to uphold the quality and integrity of their creative work.

In addition to on-site storage solutions, UNITS® of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast extends its services to include climate-controlled warehouse storage options thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific requirements of temperature-sensitive items. This specialized service is engineered to maintain the condition and integrity of delicate props, costumes, and equipment, shielding them from undesirable temperature fluctuations and humidity levels. UNITS® goes the extra mile in providing production companies with a flexible and all-encompassing storage solution, ultimately enhancing their operational efficiency, security, and overall success in delivering top-tier entertainment experiences to audiences worldwide.


Contact UNITS® of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast

For production companies seeking to elevate their projects and productions to the next level, UNITS® is the partner of choice. As a locally owned and operated business, we intimately understand the unique demands of the local entertainment industry. Getting started with UNITS® is a breeze – production companies can easily reach out to us through our user-friendly Instant Quote Form on our website or by calling us. We are always ready to deliver tailored storage and logistics solutions that align with the specific needs of each production. Moreover, production companies can take advantage of our National Accounts Program, gaining exclusive access to discounts on our services. This ensures that they receive top-notch storage solutions and cost-effective options that harmonize with their budgets, ultimately enhancing their overall production efficiency. Reach out to UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of New Orleans & the Gulf Coast today to discover how we can contribute to the thriving success of your production company!