So, do you want to plan your move to Neelys Bend? Well, we at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage will help make your dreams a reality. We rid people from the exhausting and tiring process of moving. With us by your side, you will have a moving partner that makes your moving process more accessible and convenient.

We encourage our customers to take their time when it comes to packing. When you receive your container, load it at your leisure. When you’re done, simply call us and we’ll get your container ready for transport to your new destination or take it to our climate controlled facility.

We provide ROBO-Lift® technology, which lifts our containers above the ground, keeping them safe from sharp turns and dodgy traffic situations. Furthermore, we also provide you with a climate controlled storage facility. 

We are locally owned, so all of our services are affordable for the people of the local community. In addition, it is one of the few moving services that provide customers with affordable and convenient moving services.  

We like to address some of the major issues that stop people from moving such as packaging and storage and allow people to make that cross-country or city leap to another living arrangement. Thus, call now to get a free quote on our UNITS containers at (615) 216-6300. 

Check out some of the local attractions in Neelys Bend!

If it is quiet solitude that you seek, then Neelys Bend is the perfect place to settle in Nashville, TN. The neighborhood is full of lush green spaces in which you lay down and have a nice picnic. Cornering the community are incredible golf courses that make for an incredibly enjoyable time in the park. 

Down on the Farm 

Along with golfing, this place is also home to a wonderful horse-boarding stable. Here, you can enjoy horse riding while the fresh air of Neelys Bend tousles your hair. Ultimately, here, you can provide your family with the truly special countryside experience. 

Moving Supplies and Boxes in the Area 

Travelling without packing supplies such as boxes and foam wraps calls for plenty of trouble. Make sure to have the best tools by your side, and know the closest places where you can get them. 

The Home Depot

1015 Joyce Ln, Nashville, TN 37216, United States


Lowe’s Home Improvement

10 E Campbell Rd, Madison, TN 37115, United States


Ready To Make The Move?


(615) 216-6300

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