Moving and Portable Storage in Forest Hills TN

Are you moving soon to Forest Hills, TN? With UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Nashville, TN, your move can be an easy experience! Our portable containers make moving simple.

At UNITS®, our customers come first! We want to make your move as easy as possible. We’ll be sure to schedule a time that works with your schedule. Also, our unique ROBO-UNIT® technology will help deliver your container right to your door. With this technology, UNITS can navigate over any road condition, no matter how difficult.

When you receive your UNITS® container, start packing, but be sure to take your time! When you’re finished and ready to move, we’ll bring your container to your new location. If you need some more time before moving in, no problem-,we can also get your container to our secure storage facility around the corner in Forest Hills.

Give UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Nashville, TN, a call at (615) 216-6300 to get your free quote today!

Check out these attractions around Forest Hills TN

Forest Hills is a neighborhood that has plenty to offer any newcomer. This town is deeply rooted in Tennessee’s history. The natural beauty of this state and all of its cities speaks to the pride of the Southern style of living.

Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery is dedicated to preserving Tennessee’s rich southern history. Enjoy a tour of this historical example of living history, complete with a beautiful main house, sprawling grounds, and delicious wine.

Radnor Lake State Park is a natural area that has over 1300 acres to explore. There is an abundance of wildlife, hiking trails, jogging, and educational opportunities here in this beautiful park. Naturalists and nature enthusiasts enjoy observing and photographing all of the lake animals and birds. It is a beautiful way to spend the day enjoying nature.

Packing and storage supplies around Forest Hills, TN

Don’t forget about your packing and moving supplies! Here are some locations where you can find everything you may need.

HART ACE Hardware

5304 Harding Pike,

Nashville, TN 37205

(615) 352-5252

LOWES Home Improvement

7034 Charlotte Pike

Nashville, TN 37209

(615) 356-9223

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